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Traveling like a Viking Iceland travel blog

Traveling like a Viking Iceland travel blog

Are you interested by witnessing the Viking heritage? Let's go on a journey to a small volcanic island within the Viking type – however without betrayal and violence…

First, a little history educating

Icelanders set the Vikings someplace around the yr 871. Norwegian leader Ingolfur Arnarson was "Landnamabok" ("The Book of Housing"), the primary Viking quiet down Iceland. Althing's Viking Parliament was based in Iceland in 930 and is the world's oldest parliament. Chieftains, Godar, met every summer time to vary laws, settle disputes and appoint juries to guage. Most settlers have been pagans and worshiped, amongst others, Norwegian gods, Odinia, Thoria and Freya. In 1000, when the civil struggle between spiritual groups began to disintegrate, it was decided in Althing that Iceland would develop into a Christian, however the Gentiles might still worship their gods privately. The Icelandic Vikings went on many assaults in the course of the Viking Age and are amongst the great that they have found and settled in Greenland and North America, which they call Vinland. The Viking interval is claimed to have led to 1066 AD. The Viking Age and the subsequent two centuries have been violent conflicts between the ruling family clans of Iceland, which have been in fixed energy and / or in search of revenge by their brothers.

Now you're ready to go. [19659002] Reykjavík

Mink Viking Portrait

Your first stopping place ought to be within the Mink Viking Portrait studio to release your inner viking. Your photographer and plant owner, Gudmann, is self-proclaimed Viking Geek. He’s a member of the Viking Battle Rimmugygur, so he knows all the best Viking preventing parts! Gudmann has a wide selection of genuine Viking outfits, equipment and weapons, and provides you in depth information about the Viking tradition. Not only will you get a one-of-a-kind memento – a portrait of your self and your mates as Vikings – the expertise is incredibly enjoyable and actually captures the actual essence of Viking-Ness

Next stop – Viking condo in Reykjavik

Due to the standard of the building supplies used, there are not any Viking homes yet, however some remains of the Viking ships have been excavated by archaeologists. One in every of them is in a neighboring town referred to as Gardabaer. In Hofsstadir's historic park you can see the outer edges of the primary constructing and the Foundation's Settlement interval. They’ve also set up a slightly cool interactive multimedia know-how that exhibits what it was like to reside in a long residence, they usually even have a 3D reconstruction of the building.

The identical concept is discovered within the Settlement exhibition. Here you will discover the stays of the Viking Home, which has very effective multimedia info on how settlers adapted to their new setting in Iceland. This viking home was inhabited by about 930-1000, but not removed from this hall before the stays of the 871-year-old wall have been dug, making it the oldest man-made structure in Iceland. Perhaps the stays of Ingolfur Arnarsson's residence

National Museum

Simply 10-15 minutes stroll from the Settlement exhibition you’ll discover the Nationwide Museum of Iceland (Thjodminjasafn). There you’ll discover relics which were excavated in Iceland over the past 200 years. A lot of the products are product of inorganic material resembling metallic; In Iceland, there are not often natural wood and bone remnants. The most typical monuments are weapons and jewelery, because the Vikings are stated to be nicely adorned. One of the famous stays of the National Museum is the remains of Thor, the bronze statue of Thor, which holds the hammer, but which can also be similar to the Christian cross. This confusion of spiritual symbols makes it very fascinating, especially as a result of the remnant is on the time of irrigation in Iceland when the Vikings have been torn from what faith they should belong to.

The Treasures of Iceland

Home in the middle of Reykjavik, you will have the opportunity to discover Iceland's satisfaction and pleasure – the Icelandic Sagas manuscripts. UNESCO acknowledges the superb cultural worth of its manuscripts and, like other nations with crown stones, these manuscripts are our most prestigious treasures. The Icelandic Saga tells concerning the clans of the Icelandic family 9-11. Century

Iceland's Sagas – The Biggest Hits

Now that you simply've discovered every thing about Icelandic brooches, it's good to go and show "Iceland's Sagas – The Greatest Hits".

Saga Museum

Saga Museum

On the Saga Museum, they’ve created key moments in Icelandic historical past by creating life-like copies of historic figures based mostly on the descriptions in Icelandic Sagas. Clothing, weapons and on a regular basis objects are constructed using conventional strategies. This museum is a very visible and fun strategy to expertise the Icelandic Sagas!

Viking Village

Up to now, you've in all probability constructed your appetite and desperately want a real Viking celebration! You need to go to Hafnarfjordur, a neighboring city, and visit Viking Village. Right here you will see conventional meals served in old style Viking-style trays. Singing Valkyries and Vikings create a good Viking dinner environment

Southern Iceland


Thingvellir, one of the crucial traditionally essential places in Iceland, is the location of the Viking Parliament in Althing. This nation was chosen for its annual composition as a consequence of its favorable pastures and the supply of firewood and recent water. Every two weeks, Thingvellir was the center of social life, and there were typically around 4,000 individuals. Every nine farmers in each space had to head their head to Althing, which meant that as much as 500 farmers needed to visit. Though the primary objective of the meeting was, in fact, dialogue and selections on authorized issues, it was also a little bit of enjoyable. The merchants, sword sharpeners and caretakers bought their goods and providers, clowns and ale-makers made drinks for the gathering visitors. I feel you’ll be able to feel the facility and presence of these historic occasions virtually…

Tour tip: Golden Circle tour

Thjorsardalur Valley – Stong

In 1974, a copy of the Viking Age Farmhouse was constructed to rejoice the 1100th anniversary of the Icelandic settlement. The copy is predicated on the ruins of the previous farm in Stong, however it is believed that the farm was abandoned through the volcanic explosions in the Hecca volcano 1104. The builders tried to be true to the actual work. The building is proof of how refined and beautiful the Viking houses have been.

In 2000, a burial church with peat was additionally constructed subsequent to the farmhouse.

Saga Middle in Hvolsvollur

Probably the most famous Icelandic swords is the Njal Saga. The saga takes place between 960 and 1020, which describe the slices and the significance of glory. The primary characters are buddies Njall Thorgeirsson, lawyer and sage, and Gunnar Hamundason, a farmer and a big warrior. The exhibition on the Saga Middle is dedicated to the Njal Saga. The exhibition is split into three elements: the Viking part, the Screenplay section and the Njal saga part. Viking focuses on Viking's worldview and navigation know-how, permitting them to sail around the globe. Within the script part you possibly can study who wrote the swords and how. In the Njal Saga part, they attempt to take note of all the primary characters and occasions with text and images. There's a lot of data to suck here, so give yourself a while!

Stokksnes Viking Village

This Viking Village is a really abandoned movie! Though these will not be actual buildings of the Viking period, their authenticity along with the paranormal surroundings provides you a sense of time. You possibly can cover inside the houses and see the totally different rooms that look so real. The film was inbuilt 2010, however the film was by no means described because of monetary points. This place is perfect for fascinating and fascinating images periods!

Northern Iceland


Gasir is a unique place situated 11 km from Akureyri. Nowhere else in Iceland has there been as many remains of a medieval trading venue. This was the most important buying and selling technique in Iceland in the Middle Ages and was mentioned a number of occasions within the Icelandic Sagas. Every July, there’s a medieval pageant the place Icelandic craftsmen rejoice the occasions of medieval clothing and sell handicrafts.


Drangey, and if you're on the boat, take into consideration Grettir Asmundas swimming over the island over 7km / 4 miles within the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean. When the story goes, Grettir hit himself with the hen fats, obtained out within the afternoon and acquired there when the solar had already settled. Since then, this swimming has develop into a journey of accomplishment, and lots of have tried to prove their power by swimming – but we solely advocate taking the boat. A small background from Grettir Asmundason: he is the protagonist of the Icelandic saga Grettis Saga. Grettir was not a very nice individual, he once wrestled a ghost who later cursed him as a result of … in fact. He cursed him for misfortune and would find yourself being unlawful. Nicely, Grettir ended up killing a lot of males and became illegal and had to flee to the islands the place he lived for a few years, lived with birds, eggs and a few sheep.


The pool is known as after the Grettir talked about above. Based on the story, Grettir swims in a warm pool when he swims back from Drange to stop himself from hypothermia!

The Battle of Iceland

This new exhibition will open in spring 2001 2019. Though the exhibitions give attention to the Sagas Sturlunga Period of Iceland (1220-1264), it has a Viking environment. The exhibition provides an summary of Iceland's largest and best-known battles. By way of interactive know-how, they bring about to life probably the most dramatic household pictures and a deadly civil struggle that led to Iceland's independence.

The Museum of Prophecies

The exhibition focuses on Thordis, who lived in the Skagastrond at the end of the 10th century. The information will take you thru the exhibition and you’ll study many fascinating issues about prophecy and prophecy. Prophecies and prophecies have been a essential thread by way of the Viking Age and the Icelandic Buttons, and other people believed in them. You will get your property and palm reading – in case you dare…

Western Iceland

Museum of Slavery and Witchcraft in Iceland

On this very fashionable museum you possibly can study magical poems and magical creatures. If you wish to study to get someone to like you, simply study to make use of the Icelandic magic tent! It’s also possible to discover ways to make your personal necropants, sure, they are created from human skin – however they make you wealthy! In Viking society magic and magic was a very common follow, and practitioners have been both sexes. Sorcery was additionally a giant a part of Norwegian mythology and sometimes joined both God Odin and Goddess Freya.


In the Eiriksstadir they have reconstructed the Viking Longhouse and you’re invited to return in and sit by the fireside. An essential a part of Icelandic tradition is storytelling. Iceland was not a wealthy nation and the books have been just for the elite. That's why our prized Icelandic Sagas was brought from era to era by phrase of mouth. In Eiriksstadir they invite you to satisfy the actual Viking story collectors who inform you about these tales. You can even check out the Viking tools and study Viking handicraft, architecture and clothes. They’re open from June to August.