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Review of Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In: Women, Work and Will to Lead

Style: Economic History
Writer: Sheryl Sandberg
Title: Lean In: Ladies, Work and Will Leads (Buy a Book)


Sheryl Sandberg gave TEDTalk in 2010 describing obstacles that ladies meet and how ladies unintentionally hold themselves again. The subsequent feeling encouraged him to share his experiences and advice together with his book Lean In. Within the book, he refers to onerous info and research to help his statements, and he completes this info with private anecdotes.

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Sandberg begins Lean In saying that ladies should incorporate the revolution. Ladies face many external obstacles. Nevertheless, additionally they have many inner limitations. These inner obstacles might be broken for ladies who make acutely aware efforts to change.

When ladies stop involuntarily, the world of alternatives opens up. Sandberg doesn’t recommend that that is all the problems ladies face, however it is a good place to begin.

Sandberg discusses the next obstacles that ladies might encounter at work and at residence and make recommendations on how to mitigate them:

  • There is a aspiration for management. This is described by extra males looking for to achieve top-level management positions than ladies.
  • Ladies want to "sit at the table." At the desk, ladies participate actively and take initiatives.
  • Success and Pleasure are two elements that plunder ladies at work. These two elements are usually constructive correlated with men however negatively correlate with ladies.
  • Ladies have to stop their profession as a ladder. If ladies look extra at their profession as a jungle health club, there can be extra mobility and alternative ways to get began.
  • Mentoring is crucial for ladies, but ladies have to be open minded by the mentor and the position of the mentor of their careers
  • Ladies need to search for and ship genuine communication and feedback.
  • Ladies must not "leave before leaving."
  • Ladies need their partners to be "true partners." Find males who help ladies and are equal partners at house.
  • Ladies have to get rid of balancing and understand that
  • Ladies should begin speaking about gender differences and work in the direction of equality. In the following, we’ll briefly evaluate all the above-mentioned obstacles in additional detail. Sandberg makes a number of right factors throughout the book about ladies's obstacles and presents ways to alleviate these obstacles. His recommendation might be categorized into three broad ranges. Ladies should sit at the table, search for challenges and provide you with their efforts to achieve their objectives.


Ladies in the US as we speak are higher than ever before. This is largely due to their predecessors who’ve paved the best way for many ladies's achievements in the present day. These ladies fought for the rights that many women typically take without any consideration. Such elementary rights, similar to voting, were not potential for ladies up to 100 years ago.

Nevertheless, different nations nonetheless ban some ladies from the elemental rights ladies can take pleasure in in the USA. This should make the ladies much more grateful. Nevertheless, gratitude shouldn’t be complacency. As Sandberg says, "knowing things can be worse, we should not stop us from trying to get them better."

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Most girls have stopped making progress to the highest of any business, while they are still quicker than males in instructional achievement. Warren Buffett has identified that one of the reasons he has been so profitable is that he had to compete in solely half of the inhabitants.

Although there are numerous exterior elements which will maintain ladies back, there are also inner obstacles.

Sandberg says: “We keep ourselves as big as small because we have no self-confidence, we don't lift our hands and pull back when we should lean in.” These inner obstacles deserve careful consideration as a result of ladies Battles do not routine all ladies in the same means, most girls can be a part of them. Sandberg's objective of writing Lean In's mission is to encourage ladies to feel empowered and formidable of their ambitions, whatever they could be.


“What would you do if you are not afraid?” Sheryl Sandberg

Although ladies have begun to deal with males in instructional achievement, the identical cannot be stated in the office. Competitors is intense between men and ladies in entry-level positions, but the firm continues to be a special story.

Fewer and fewer ladies compete for leadership positions, the place males fulfill their mission. One essential factor here is the ambition of leadership. It was clearly said that more males than ladies try to obtain prime administration.

The ambition of leadership does not begin when ladies begin their careers.

It begins at a much older age. As infants, the women 'crawling potential is underestimated compared to boys' crawl potential, which is usually overestimated. When younger boys lead or obtain a gaggle, this isn’t a surprise. Nevertheless, his feminine colleague could also be a "boss" on the playground.

Sandberg conveys a narrative about selling Gymbore, who stated "smart father" to boys and "Pretty like Mommy" women. Ladies embody these social hints from an early age and continue into maturity. Ladies start to maintain themselves back once they worry resentment, and this is the place the ambition begins. Sandberg says,

Worry is the idea for therefore many women encountered obstacles

Worry of not being appreciated. Worry of making the mistaken selection. Worry draws unfavourable consideration. Worry too much. Worry of condemnation. Worry of failure. And the Holy Trinity of Worry: Worry of being an evil mom / wife / daughter.

How can ladies break down these inner obstacles and fears to close the hole? A method to start is to ask your self what would you do if you weren’t afraid?


What does it imply with Sandberg? He begins to clarify the "Table on the Table" by telling the story of internet hosting a meeting on Fb with Finance Minister Tim Geithner.

When it was time for everyone to take their seats, his employees, who consisted solely of ladies, all sat on the edge of the church. Sandberg requested them to be a part of the table. They insisted that they stay where they have been.

In one motion, ladies pulled themselves off the dialog. That they had the chance to be lively members however determined to be spectators. But why? So much of a lady's battle takes place inside.

Typically ladies are suspicious of themselves.

When ladies are praised for their achievements, they typically decrease their work by thanking others for his or her assist or just leaving it for good.

Sandberg states that "analysis in lots of industries exhibits that ladies typically consider their very own performance worse than it’s, while males evaluate their very own efficiency higher than it is. “Feelings of self-confidence can accelerate fears of failure.

Women embody the fear of this failure, which ultimately affects future performance. Women can be very self-critical. This results in lower confidence levels that affect future performance.

Many have heard the word "fake until you do it."

Well, science supports it. Simple changes, such as taking a smile and taking a stronger pose for two minutes, can have a significant impact on your attitude and behavior. Amy Cuddy suggests that instead of the word "fake until you do", the word should be "fake until you believe it."

If women embed positive thoughts, they become more secure. Their actions reflect this confidence. And maybe then, more women are sitting at the table.

Sheryl Sandberg talks about her speech on Facebook. After the speech he asked. At the end of Q&A, he announced that he would take two more questions

Later, his younger female colleague approached Sandberg to tell him that he learned something that day. He learned to "hold his hand" by explaining that after Sandberg's announcement he continued to answer more than two questions from men who held their hands raised, while most women were not.

The more women grow their hands and keep them raised, the more women are heard.

The more women move from looking to active participation, the more confident and powerful they will be. What does "sit at the table" mean? Sitting at the table means initiative and comfort. It means physical sitting at the table and active participation.

It means praise and praise for the achievements graciously. Sometimes it means it "covers it until you believe it." It means keeping your hand so that you can hear it. Sitting at the table means taking the necessary step to your ambition, whatever they may be.


Men and women can be considered as pleasant, but this is not always true. job. For example, Sandberg refers to Howard's and Heid's Harvard business. The case describes how a Heidi female entrepreneur was doing well.

In the same case, the name was changed from Heidi to Howard. Two groups of students read the corresponding cases, and the only difference is the change of name. Later, the researchers were studying students.

Both groups considered the achievements of Howard and Heid to be equal. However, students considered Howard a more attractive colleague. Studies show that success and comfort correlate positively with men, but correlate negatively with women.

Women struggle with rising struggle for success and enjoyment.

Women are often considered to be more cherished than men. When a woman is considered comfortable and caring, she is often considered less competent. When a woman is seen to be more functional, she doesn't seem to be as comfortable. Women who are considered more attractive and more community-oriented can lead to a "gender-discount" problem

When women provide help, the feeling of indebtedness returns to a lower popularity than a male colleague. Ultimately, a woman's presumed desire to be communal can affect her professionally. However, there are social benefits

Women can defend themselves with a community approach. Teams work better with community leaders and team members. Uniform teams cross teams that do not work well together. Therefore, when more women are at the top of organizations, they could translate more leaders, both men and women, who work together to create effective Teams and Organizations.

Getting success is also the key to success. As mentioned earlier, women sometimes rely on success for external factors. Instead, women should own their success in building their trust.

The strong desire to be popular with anyone can keep women back. When making decisions, each stakeholder cannot be satisfied. However, these decisions may lead to the necessary changes. If women try to please everyone, they may not make the best decisions.


”In case you are provided a place on a rocket ship, you don't ask what place. Just get ahead. ”–Eric Schmidt

on Facebook Lori Goler approached Sandberg about working on Facebook.

Before Goler referred to as the call, he thought to inform all the things he was good at and what he had to do. As an alternative, he determined to separate himself by stretching Advertising outdoors the snug zone. He requested, "What is the largest drawback, and how can I clear up it?" This strategy dropped to Goler in recruitment duties on Facebook.

Goler describes a career as a jungle fitness center as an alternative of a ladder. On the ladder you possibly can only transfer up or down, on or off. The Viidakko fitness center has many extra prospects for motion and alternative ways to get began.

”The Jungle Health club model advantages everybody, however particularly ladies who might start a profession, change careers, forestall exterior obstacles, or return labor after working hours. ”

There are usually not so many“ lives ”or people who keep in a single company for the whole career. Though an worker needed to have a permanent lifetime in a single company, the profession can still be a jungle fitness center.

Businesses have so many opportunities for his or her staff. You can start promoting, change to advertising, take a leading position in business buying and selling and cease state funds in the identical firm.

How should ladies care for his or her careers?

First, ladies ought to be more at risk. Exterior pressures pressure ladies to typically "play it safely." Stretch tasks are good learning opportunities and improvement instruments, however ladies typically keep away from these duties, fearing that they’re unable to respond to the challenges.

of their comfort zone. If ladies would see extra of a stretching expertise as a studying experience fairly than an insurmountable problem, they might broaden their expertise and put together for management and leadership in the future.

Ladies ought to look for corporations with high progress charges

These corporations have a lot of opportunities as a result of progress requires extra staff than the present provide. Then again, corporations with sluggish progress will come to a halt and limit the opportunities for staff because there are too many people for the job they want. Working in an organization with more progress potential gives more alternatives within the jungle health club.

Both ladies and men should have long-term goals and feasible short-term objectives. Sandberg provides an example that he has an 18-month plan to set objectives on two fronts. He units objectives based mostly on what he needs his staff to achieve.

As well as, he units extra private objectives. These might be something about learning new expertise, overcoming fears or correcting dangerous habits. Setting short-term objectives for a bigger image of long-term goals provides you the chance to focus more on the course you want to go to the highest of the jungle fitness center.


“I realized that finding a mentor has become a professional waiting for Prince Charming. ”–Sheryl Sandberg

Many ladies expertise a terrible need for a mentor. We’ve acquired this robust want for ourselves as a subject for discussion in dialogue forums and seminars. Sandberg joins the mentor's quest for Prince Charming. While mentoring and sponsorship are essential to career improvement, this will lead to ladies being over-dependent on others.

Buying an actual mentor could be a problem.

When mentors are on the lookout for mentors, they take a look at performance and alternatives. Individuals want to spend money on others who can actually profit from their recommendation and help. To get the eye of a possible mentor, tailor-made questions are being prepared for the person

To get continued funding from mentors, mentors should use their time properly and be open for feedback. The mentor / mentor relationship is usually more reciprocal than thought. The instructor receives direct counseling while the mentor experiences advantages similar to a way of satisfaction within the mentor and a higher commitment from colleagues

One state of affairs Sandberg touches upon or lacks the mentoring relationships of young ladies and older males. Mentoring misunderstandings can lead to older males not reaching "younger" women. Before we stop making assumptions about the interaction between men and women, it is more difficult to educate these mentors.

Finding a mentor can be an integral part of a woman's career. It is important to find the right mentor or sponsor and be fully open to all the counseling and feedback that mentoring offers. Without a sponsor, getting a woman to the top is more challenging and often stops. However, if you have to ask someone, is he your mentor, you may have to look for it.


Authentic communication is the key to successful relationships, both personal and professional. However, for some it is not easy. People show their hesitation in authentic communication with hedge protection, which can be even more common in women when looking at power dynamics.

Internal fear looks jerky or critical, or even worse, against criticism, preventing women from participating in genuine communication. This kind of honest communication does not mean that we should not have a filter.

First, the truth is rarely absolute.

For example, when you buy with a friend, you'll see a black dress. Both may agree that the dress is black. It's absolute. Opinions can quickly deviate from whether the dress is aesthetically pleasing. We must try to understand the differences of opinion. In the light of these differences, communication will become more efficient and mutually beneficial.

Communication is not a one-way street. Listening is a key element unless it is the most important element when communicating. Often in the conversation you can tell when a person is repealing or answering what you say before you even finish the statement.

When this happens, communication is less effective. Both men and women want to know that their statement has been received. An Effective Way To Show This Is Recognizing Another's Opinions Before Continuing Your Answer

Finding Truth means looking for feedback.

Open feedback is the first step. Women and men in this regard often want feedback, but are not ready to hear what others are saying. Until the woman is fully prepared to accept the feedback, both positive and negative, the possibility of listening will be reduced

When women are closed to the fear of criticism or perceived failure, they cease to seek the truth. Finding Truth is a continuous source of negative feedback internally. Women must first break down these interior walls to make them open for feedback. From there, effective communication thrives and relationships can thrive.

Also thanking others for feedback is crucial because it encourages communication lines to remain open when people think they are free to express their opinion in a safe environment.

Talking of Truth means giving feedback. Many women often look back when it comes to giving feedback about fear of harming one's feelings or appearing to be indignant. If these lines of authentic communication are open, women must be able to respond to each other's feedback

Humor can be a good tool for delivering a message in a more sensitive and lighter way; Apparently humor should not be used in all situations. Some of the most powerful leaders are often described as having a sense of humor

When you are looking for and talking about the truth, it is important to remember a few things that communication needs to be effective. Listen to what others are saying. Say "thanks" for feedback, both positive and negative. For others, it may be very difficult to provide critical feedback, so saying "thanks" encourages these communication strains to stay open.

And don't hold on. The only means to get genuine communication is in the event you even have. As soon as you maintain back, these strains begin to shut. Finally, honesty is necessary, however all the time attempt to give an trustworthy message with ease.


“Don't let the workforce look for an exit. Do not place the brakes. Accelerate. ”- Sheryl Sandberg

One of the most important ways ladies can hold themselves again is leaving before leaving.

What does this imply? Think about a lady in the mid 20th century. He may be married, committed or a minimum of in a critical relationship. Leadership sees so much of talent and provides him an awesome opportunity, probably to stretch his position, to develop his potential.

First of all, as mentioned earlier, he questions his potential to take a stretching position, asking himself, "Do I’ve the talents to do that job?"

He asks if the job is suitable for his future plans and eventually rejects his job on the basis of his future expectations. put themselves back, often inadvertently. Imagine if a 20-year-old woman accepted a stretching role and had a baby two years later. , it's better to go back to work We encourage more women to keep playing longer, even if children are expected in the future, more women want to continue their work at the top of the jungle gym or at least stay there.

Sandberg says that the time the child is in the right picture,

A year leading to a child is a crucial time to be leaning, not leaning back. This gives women the opportunity to return to work in a higher position where they feel more valuable. Of course, returning to work after having a child is not necessarily the best choice for every woman because everyone has unique circumstances.

But until it is time to make these decisions, women have to "maintain their ft on the fuel pedal." In households where both mother and father have full-time employment, women continue to care about 40% more child care and 30% more home work. At the time, women have to learn how to release some of their household tasks. a, this could be true, women are guilty, yes, maybe her husband would walk a little longer in the corridors, and he could bring home non-organic milk. However, he is actively involved in household work and is a true partner

Fortune 500 CEOs of 26 of 28 women were married

. husbands participate in equal partners. These men, like their successful wives, rely on both their careers and their families. Sandberg emphasizes the importance of finding a life partner who wants to be an equal partner.

He says that so far there are "cool and dangerous associates" but to marry those who really appreciate intelligent, ambitious women. Find a man who wants to support your goals as much as you support. Find a man who wants to be an equal partner at home.

This resonates with both men and women. Women in college or in their careers need to know that these men appreciate them, who they are and support what they want to achieve.

Both men and women, whether they are equal partners or not, must emphasize this importance to their sons, daughters, brothers and nephews. The next generation needs to understand what is valued as an equal partner in career goals and at home.

In order for your partner to be a real partner, women need to consider him as capable of doing household work and raising children. Only then will women get closer to the 50/50 relationship. In addition, research shows that this equality at home leads to happier relationships. That is why we all have to rely on our marriages and more equal relationships.


The myth that we do everything is a stereotype that destroys women. The truth is that women cannot do everything, nor can men. Everything is a compromise.

Working means that women are not at home and spending time with the family means they do not take as much time for themselves. The key to managing organized chaos is what is most important to you and your family, and what is not.

Sandberg tells his story about summer internship at McKinsey & Company

Employees came to their boss when they wanted to quit. The main reason for leaving was burning, tired of working long hours and exhausted trips. His boss didn't understand why all these workers had unused vacation periods. They did everything they needed, but did a little for themselves.

Both men and women should monitor their careers more. Workplace requirements never stop, but somewhere there is a line. To balance life and careers, women must make deliberate choices by setting limits and really catching up with them.

However, it is easier to say than to managers. The requirements imposed on these managers usually require quick action and involve much higher inputs. Are their jobs really pulling the line?

The answer to this question most of the time is no. However, they do it work. "The stability between work and family life" is the word of the 21st century. However, there is something wrong with this sentence. The word balance gives the impression that two items are equal, 50/50, in perfect harmony.

In the work and life situation, almost nothing is in perfect harmony.

As soon as women start thinking about their careers and personal life has to balance and strive to make them equal. Essentially, women put themselves in a sense of failure, no matter how hard women try to control this balance, work and life will never fully balance in a certain time.

Silver plating, however, is that once women realize that work and personal life can integrate well without always having a 50/50 balance, they can stop feeling guilty. Perhaps this means the school party's interference in an important meeting on the west coast.

Or maybe it means the job must be left early in the child's championship. In any case, women can feel better in a demanding career and personal life work better in harmony when they drop the balance.

Whatever a man does, he should participate fully. Fully committed means that everything goes in, giving 100% attention to the task or activity. In a multi-user world, people are often only 20 percent.

Because of this misleading behavior, it is no wonder that people work indefinitely. Leaders want to see quality work, regardless of the quality of their work for hours or three hours, depending on the person. Työntekijöiden suorituskykyä ei arvioida suurelta osin sen mukaan, kuinka monta tuntia heillä on toimistossa, vaan niiden tuottaman työn laadusta. Täysin sitoutuneena tekeminen mahdollistaa laadukkaamman työn tekemisen vähemmän aikaa antamalla jakamattoman huomion.

Kun naiset ymmärtävät, että kukaan ei voi tehdä kaikkea, he voivat tuntea itsensä vapautuneemmiksi ja olla tuottavampia. Naisten on valittava heille parhaiten sopivat valinnat asettamalla etusijalle se, mikä on tärkeää ja mikä ei ole, kun kyse on heidän urastaan ​​ja henkilökohtaisesta elämästään.

Näiden valintojen jälkeen naisten on osallistuttava täysin tähän tehtävään . Se, että emme voi tehdä kaikkea, ei tarkoita sitä, että emme voi olla paras äiti, vaimo, tytär, työtoveri ja ystävä, jota voimme olla.


”Johtajuus on tehdä muita paremmiksi läsnäolosi seurauksena ja varmista, että vaikutus kestää poissaolosi aikana. ”–Harvard Business School

Aiemmin sukupuolta ei tunnustettu avoimesti. Sukupuolierot ovat aina olleet läsnä, mutta vasta äskettäin olemme alkaneet puhua niistä. Kun puhumme näistä eroista ja siitä, miten muut heidät ymmärtävät, vain silloin voimme tunnistaa naiset, joita naiset kohtaavat työpaikalla, ja löytää ratkaisuja. Kuten Sandberg toteaa, "puhuminen voi muuttaa mieliä, jotka voivat muuttaa käyttäytymistä, joka voi muuttaa instituutioita." Males want to feel snug confronting and debating with ladies within the office so we will transfer towards more equality.

Bias can arise from individuals wanting to work with others like them. All of us fall victim to this bias. Nevertheless, we should always need to work with the most effective whether they’re males or ladies.


“Help me, help you.” –Jerry Maguire

To make alternative really equal, we must be sure that ladies obtain the encouragement to attempt for those opportunities. Ladies want to look out for one another as a result of as individuals a lady’s power is comparatively low. Nevertheless, the collective energy of ladies working collectively to make change is real energy. Also, ladies need to view each other much less as rivals and extra as allies.

The more ladies assist other ladies, the extra they assist the group and future generations, as an entire.

More than something ladies want validation. They need validation for doing a job nicely achieved. They want validation for making the fitting selection of pursuing a career or a life at residence.

As an alternative of judging others’ private career decisions, we should always validate them and raise them up. What is true for one individual won’t be the only option for an additional, and we must acknowledge that.

As extra ladies work collectively and lean in, society will begin using the skills of all the inhabitants. Establishments will probably be extra productive. Houses can be happier. Youngsters can be more inspired to comply with their goals. And perhaps then, we’ll give Warren Buffett a run for his cash.


Throughout this temporary, I’ve incessantly referred to leaning in to no matter it might be. What ought to make ladies feel most empowered is that we have now the choice to lean in to any endeavor.

All of the alternative ways ladies have opportunities to lean in must be a source of inspiration to each men and ladies all over the world.

Whether a lady’s sole job is being the perfect mother she could be, the perfect senior dealer at a agency, or one of the best government at a multinational company, she may be an inspiration to others. No matter you do day-in-and-day-out, do it with “your foot on the gas pedal.” Do it with confidence. Sit at the table, whether it’s in the kitchen or in the boardroom.

Maintain your hand raised. By leaning in and being the perfect you might be, you will encourage others round you to develop into better versions of themselves, and they, in flip, will start to lean in. Think about what the world would seem like if each ladies and males leaned in slightly more. By working collectively in the direction of equality, we will make the world a greater place. would really like to thank the Titans of Investing for permitting us to publish this content. Titans is a scholar group founded by Britt Harris. Study extra concerning the organization and the person behind it by clicking both of these links.

Britt all the time taught us Titans that Knowledge is Low cost, and principal can discover treasure troves of the great things in books. We hope solely may even categorical their thanks to the Titans if the book evaluate introduced wisdom into their lives.

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