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Prayer Position: See how Muslims pray

Prayer Position: See how Muslims pray

Prayer Place: See how Muslims pray

Madeline Arthington | Might 3, 2019

We have been in the midst of a go to when my good friend received up and left me alone. He pulled an extended skirt on his unfastened and grabbed the headgear when he stepped out of his ritual Islamic prayers: a set of postures and recitations that have been made toward Mecca, Saudi Arabia. To the left to attend for him to give up, I felt awkward in the intervening time and I had so many questions about Muslim prayer and what I should reply.

The Importance of Prayer in Islam

His prayer ritual – so abruptly arrested – was in accordance with the dictations of Islam, outlining the 5 pillars that have to be noticed earlier than Allah. A superb Muslim performs ritual prayers – the Salat Pillar – five occasions a day: before sunrise, at midday, late afternoon, after sundown and late within the night.

The lads of the world have been referred to as muezzins. prayer from an area mosque or radio or tv. Tens of millions of Muslims all over the world hear one united message: “God is great. I testify that God just isn’t, however God. I testify that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. Hurry to prayer. Quick for fulfillment. Allah is great. There isn’t a god but God. "

Take heed to the Name to Prayer in Doha, Qatar

In Islam, this request for prayer must be the primary phrases newborn hears whisper of their ears. Although youngsters aren’t required to perform ritual prayers earlier than they turn out to be older, the salad is encouraged after the age of seven.

Getting ready for Prayer

Prayer in mosques is encouraging however not required. I have experienced abroad expertise that I’ve seen Muslims rituaalirukouksensa houses, public parks and airports portteissa. When Muslims usually are not praying for the mosque, they often use a prayer mat in a clear place for prayer.

Muslim Uighur man interrupts prayer on his prayer mat in the midst of a energetic breakfast. Picture of IMB Photograph Library

Muslims should carry out ritual purification before praying. They wash their faces, their palms on their elbows, their heads and their ft to their ankles (Surah 5: 6). Some Muslims additionally rinse of their mouths and inside their nostrils. A full tub is required after intercourse. A menstruating lady can’t make a salad till her time is over and she or he has utterly cleansed.

Muslim performs his ablutions or ritual washing earlier than saying his prayer to the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Erzurum. Picture of IMB's photograph library.

Ladies should remove any sort of nail polish that forestalls full cleansing. It is very important keep purity throughout prayer. Even fuel wear or laughing on the salad makes your prayer ineffective.

Women and men are correctly wearing Allah's strategy to prayer. Ladies cover every part besides their face and palms, and men cowl the world between the Nose and the knees. If a lady needs to take part in a mosque for prayer, she prays aside from men in a personal ladies's area.

Ladies meet within the designated part on Friday for prayers at Masjid Istiqla, the most important mosque in Southeast Asia in Jakarta. Picture of IMB Photograph Library

As a result of a Muslim begins his prayer ritual, they face the path of a sacred structure referred to as Kaaba in Saudi Arabia, a logo of Islamic monotheism that unites Muslims around the globe in prayer. Then they do a non-verbal objective referred to as niyyah, which is meant to concentrate on the guts in sincere worship as an alternative of insignificant external actions.

After the cleaning and the Muslim is lastly ready to pray. Though a lot of the international Muslim inhabitants lives outdoors the Center East and doesn’t converse Arabic, ritual prayers and the words of the salad have to be made in Arabic. Because of this hundreds of thousands of people all over the world pray within the language of Allah, which they have no idea.

Through the Salad, the Muslim says prayers and completes the collection of collection collection referred to as & # 39; a. The cycles range barely throughout the day, but they all the time embrace standing, bending and self-pressing. The actions tell concerning the totally different statements and prayers by which "Allah is great" earlier than each new motion.

Qu & # 39; s some of these positions in Surah 48:49, ”Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and people who are with him are robust towards the unbelievers, merciful among themselves. You see them as inclined and exhausted [in prayer] they usually seek God and [His] pleasure. Their signs are on the face of hysteria. ”

Ghanaian Muslims are getting ready for their prayers. The characters on their forehead are supposed to show the regularity of their prayer follow. Image of IMB's photograph library.

Prayer Positions in Islam


Every thing in the Prayer ritual is completed with respect and respect. Respect and silence start with the ritual. Some sects say you cross your arms when standing in your chest or hub.

Egyptian males participate in noon prayer at the Amr ibn Al-Aas Mosque in Previous Cairo, Egypt. The carpets present carpets within the Mecca of Saudi Arabia, where Muslims pray. Image of IMB's photograph library


Ruku is a means for palms to turn in your knees and head out straight from your again. This exhibits humility, respect and repentance to God. It is stated that Muhammad stored his again as straight as bending, that the water drop didn’t fall from the back.

Muslims pray within the great mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha in the Cairo fortress in Egypt. Photograph: IMB Photograph Library.


Qu & # 39; s educating: "Pray and take you close [to Allah]. Prostration is when you place your face on the knees. In his prayer guide, Islamic international publications say that "exhaustion is a place of utmost humility, presence, and helplessness, through which the asker pours his coronary heart above all to God and asks for His forgiveness."

Kurdish males pray inside the nice mosque of Erbil. Image of IMB's photographic library

As with all ritual prayer part, this ought to be executed with thought and type. Muhammad started "seven limbs:" palms, knees, legs and face. Muslims consider that they’re sure to all creation in a submissive manner earlier than God. Muslims consider that correct bending and exhaustion deserve an excellent religious reward from God.


Between recurring transitions, the worshipers sit on their knees while he says more prayers. Lastly, the apologies of forgiveness and peace are provided to Muhammad, Abraham, and angels when the worshiper seems right and left.

A young Ghanaian woman continues her seat throughout her prayers. Photograph: IMB Photograph Library

Prayer Positions within the Bible

It is very important keep in mind that the Bible data the various ways during which the individuals of God strategy him in prayer, including worship (Ex. 34: 8; Ps. 5: 7) , kneeling (2 Chronicles 6:13; Phil. 2:10), mendacity down (Matthew 26:39; Rev. 1:17) and with raised arms (Ps. 141: 2; 1 Tim. 2: 8), raised his eyes (John 11:41; Luke 9:16) and raised the voices (Ps. 77: 1). God's individuals have used totally different physical positions to precise our hearts to the Lord from the start.

Though these bodily positions usually are not inherently incorrect in the bodily expressions of worship, most Muslim-backed Christians, comparable to my pal Hasan, * correctly reject the structure of the salad once they consider in Jesus. Hasan's set of movements is an empty shell that symbolizes Islam and their religious demise.

“Christian prayer is the expression of a confident, close relationship with God.”

Now, as an alternative of praying within the language of Hasa, he does not know, he brings to the Lord every little thing that is in his heart. As an alternative of putting his face on the ground, he raises his face to heaven. He raises his palms, palms in the path of heaven, reward and reward for his salvation.

Tips on how to Participate in Prayer Muslims

It might be nervous to witness Muslim ritual prayers. How can a Christian assume and respond to those prayer positions?

In line with the Muslim prayer, the aim of Islamic prayer is to forgive sins, to strategy Allah, to precise Allah and to talk with Allah.

The believers of Jesus Christ have already forgiven Christ's work on the cross. Prayer is just not a compulsory act of worship. Christian prayer is the expression of a assured, shut relationship with God. The believers strategy God via Jesus Christ, who took the punishment for sin and made the best way for everyone who trusts him in salvation to enter into God's presence with confidence (Hebrews four: 14–16). Approach to love and patiently interact with our Muslim pals. Listed here are some ideas so that you can work together with Muslim buddies.

  1. Open dialogue on prayer.
    Ask questions on their prayers. This article has a broad understanding of Muslim prayer, however everybody expresses their own ideas, beliefs, and every day practices.
  2. Pray in your associates and for them in the identify of Jesus.
    Most Muslims respect the prayers of Christian buddies and would like to pray earlier than them. They’ve to hear the best way you converse boldly with God by means of Christ. God can use your prayers to open your eyes to see the truth of Jesus.
  3. Do not cover the key on the throne.
    You’ve got excellent news about eternal life. Jesus Christ opens the door and provides entry to God's throne. Share the gospel with Muslim pals and inform them that they can be utterly forgiven for sin and come boldly to God for his baby

Hasan strongly recommends sharing Jesus' individual and work: his sin, life, divinity, life, demise and resurrection. Get ready for these truths to show many Muslims away. But in addition put together for them, resembling Hasan, who are actually in search of God to recognize their search ended. They've discovered God by way of Jesus Christ

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Madeline Arthington is an IMB writer. He lives in Central Asia.