Leaders Guild Award for Bo Burnham and Alfonso Cuaron

Leaders Guild Award for Bo Burnham and Alfonso Cuaron

Last night time, one of the newest prize-season dominoes dropped when the annual American Awards have been held. When DGA has referred to as in, it has simply been left to BAFTA and their upcoming exhibition, what it may well really do to the Academy Award voter (give or take a writer's shawl, however WGA's rejection all the time complicates these waters). The two primary groups went to two entrance strains, despite the fact that the disorder was speculated. Then go to the image, the shock winner was crowned someplace, however not where all of us waited…

Anxious first time leader class did not go to Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born. As an alternative, the Management Award was given to Bo Burnham for the eighth grade. It is clear that Burnham did a terrific job and earned it, however for the first time, someone named to each teams did not win this stroll. Clearly, this meant that Cooper additionally lost a high degree of Function Movie. There he fell to the forefront of the Academy Award for Alfonso Cuaron for his work on the Roma. Some thought that Spike Lee and BlacKkKlansman might begin right here, however it wasn't. Next you’ll be able to see the rest of the winners.

Listed here are all the results of DGA:



"Star is Born"

Warner Bros Footage

Lord. Cooper Administration Group:

Unit Production Director: Robert J. Dohrmann
First Deputy Director: Michele “Shelley” Ziegler
Second Deputy Director: Xanthus Valan
Second Second Deputy Director: Matthew R. Milan




Lord. Cuarón Management Staff:

Unit Production Manager: Ana Hernandez
First Deputy Director: Frederic Henocque Albino
Second Deputy Director: Patrick Heyerdahl
Second Second Deputy Director: Luis Fernando Vásquez, Julian & # 39; Chico & # 39; Valdés, Arturo Garcia


The Inexperienced Paper

(Universal Footage)

Lord. Farrelly Management Staff:

Unit Manufacturing Administrators: Alissa M. Kantrow, John Brister, Franses Simonovich (New York Unit)
First Deputy Directors: JB Rogers, Alejandro Ramia (New York Unit)
Second Deputy Director: Paul B. Uddo , Jack McKenna (Unit of New York)
Second Second Assistant Director: Gerson Paz, Jonathan Warren
Location Manager: Louis Zuppardi



(Focus Options)

. Lee's Directorial Workforce:

Unit Production Director: Marcei A. Brown
First Deputy Director: Mike Ellis
Second Deputy Director: Tracey Hinds
Second Second Deputy Director Jason Perez, Christina Ann Walker, Anastasia Folorunso
Location Manager: Tim Stacker



(Annapurna Footage)

Mr. McKay Administration Group:

Unit Production Administrators: Julie Hartley, Jeff Waxman
First Deputy Director: Matt Rebenkoff
Second Deputy Director: Joann Connolly
Second Second Deputy Director: Yarden Levo, Dave Vogel (Washington DC) Unit [19659002] DRAMATIC SERIES

• JASON BATEMAN – Ozark, “Compensation” (Netflix)

Bateman Management Staff:
Unit Production Director: Matthew Spiegel
First Deputy Director: Peter Thorell
Second Deputy Director: Jason Graham

Second Second Deputy Director: Townson Wells

• LESLI LINKA GLATTER – Homeland, “Paean to the People” (Showtime)

Glatter's Management Workforce:
Unit Production Directors: Michael Klick, J. David Brightbill
First Deputy Director: Sunday Stevens
Second Deputy Director: Wendy Bledsoe

• CHRIS LONG – People, “START” (FX)

Long's Directorial Jo Group:
Unit Manufacturing Supervisor: Tyson Bidner
First Assistant Director: Michelle Regina Iacobelli
Second Assistant Director: Dave Fischer
Location Supervisor: Michael Fucci

• ADAM MCKAY – Legacy, "Celebration" (HBO ) (WINNER)

McKay Instructor Staff:
Unit Manufacturing Director: Regina Heyman
First Deputy Director: Amy Lauritsen
Second Deputy Director: Scott Bowers
Second Deputy Director: Nicholas Notte
Location Managers: Michael Kriaris , Patty Carey

• DAINA REID – Handmaid's Tale, “Holly” (Hulu)

Reid's Government Group:
Unit Manufacturing Manager: Joseph Boccia


CARY JOJI FUKUNAGA – Maniac (Netflix)

Fukunaga Government Workforce:
Unit Manufacturing Director: John P. Fedynich
First Deputy Director: Jon Mallard, Scott Bowe rs
Secon d Assistant Director: Scott Bowers
Second Second Assistant Director: Alex Scricco, Mike Reiersen
Different Deputy Directors: Mike Reiersen, Jakub Porembski
Location Supervisor: Ryan Smith

• DAVID LEVEAUX (director) / ALEX RUDZINSKI (Stay Tv Course By) – Jesus Christ Celebrity Reside in Live performance (NBC)

Administrators: Carrie Havel, Adam Mishler, Sabrina Rufo Mishler
Director: Garry Hood
Stage Managers : Cory Boulier, Peter Epstein, Jeffry Gitter, Arthur Lewis, Seth Mellman, Jason Pacella, Richard Cody Renard, Karen Tasch Weiss


Levinson's Directorial Staff:
Unit Manufacturing Directors: Lori Johnson, Amy Herman
First Deputy Director: Karen Kane
Second Deputy Director: Jason Graham
Second Deputy Director: James Macolino
Location Supervisor: Lynn Powers [1965900] 2] • BEN STILLER – Escape at Dannemora (Showtime) (WINNER)

Stiller's Teacher Workforce:
Unit Manufacturing Administrators: Adam Brightman, Bill Carraro
First Assistant Administrators: Lisa M. Rowe, Lyda Blank, Phillip A. Patterson
Second Deputy Director: Kevin R. Shields
Second Second Deputy Director: Luke A. Crawford
Location Manager: Hyo Park

• JEAN-MARC VALLÉE – Sharp Objects (HBO) [19659002] Unit Manufacturing Directors: GD Fienberg, David Auge, Sean M. Gowrie
First Deputy Administrators: Urs Hirschbiegel, Eric Lasko
Second Assistant Directors: Eric Lasko, Jeremy Reisig
Second Second Assistant Coordinator: Jeremy Reisig, Courtni Tresemer
Different Deputy Directors: Jeff Overfield, Kate Pulley, Anneke Scott, Alina Gatti, Deborah Chung


• MORGAN NEVILLE – Not a Neighbor? (Focusing Properties)

• RAMELL ROSS – Hale County This Morning, This Night time (Idiom Film and Louverture Movies)

Three similar visitors (Neon and CNN Films) (WINNER)

• BETSY WEST & JULIE COHEN – RBG (Magnolia Photographs)




Mr. Burnham Director Group:

First Deputy Director: Dan Taggatz
Second Deputy Director: Vic Coram
Second Second Deputy Director: Evelyn Fogleman


“Star is Born”

Warner Bros Footage

Warner Bros Footage

]Mr. Cooper Administration Workforce:

Production Director: Robert J. Dohrmann
First Deputy Director: Michele “Shelley” Ziegler
Second Deputy Director: Xanthus Valan
Second Second Deputy Director: Matthew R. Milan



(Summit Leisure)

Lord. Director of Estrada:

Deputy Director: La Mar Stewart
Second Second Deputy Director: Dominic Martin
Second Second Assistant Director: Armin Houshmandi


“Private War”

(Aviron Footage)

]Mr. Heineman Management Group:

Unit Manufacturing Manager: Louise Killin
First Deputy Director: George Walker, Peter Freeman (Jordan Unit)
Second Deputy Director: Tom Mulberge (UK Unit), Tom Browne (Jordan Unit)
Second Deputy Director: Tarik Afifi (Jordan Unit)


"Sorry to bother you"

(Annapurna Footage)

Mr. Riley Administration Staff:

Manufacturing Director: Chris Martin
First Deputy Director: Brian Benson
Second Deputy Director: Hilton Jamal Day
Second Second Deputy Director: Sam Purdy, Nick Alvarez



Preparation, Dollar Shaving Membership – (Direct Buyer)
First Deputy Director: Robert Phillips
Second Deputy Director: Braden Anderson

The Dance, Speight – DDB [19659002] FREDRIK BOND (MJZ)

Harmony, Virgin TV – BBH

Take them all, BT Sport – AMV BBDO
First Deputy Director: Matthew Clyde

The Huge Win, Confused.com – Karmarama
First Deputy Director: Aldric Porter
Second Deputy Director: Erv Gentry

• MARTIN de THURAH (Epoch Movies)

Remaining Breath, Audi RS 5 Coupe – Venables, Bell & Partners
First Assistant Director: Howell Caldwell

MamaSaid Knock You Out, Chase – Droga5
First Deputy Director: Shawn Thomas
Second Deputy Director: Oren Tuvia

Area Station, Macy's – BBDO
First Deputy Director: John Lowe


Welcome Residence, Apple Homepod – TBWA Media Arts Lab
Unit Production Directors: Vincent Landay, Natalie Hill
First Deputy Director: Thomas Smith
Second Assistant Directors: Robert Kay, Nadeem Ashayer , Dave Marnell
Second Second Deputy Director: Jeff Tavani

• DAVID SHANE (O Constructive)

Alien, Babbel – Wieden + Kennedy London

Moms and Daughters, Alzheimer's PSA – BBDO
First Assistant Director : Daryl Patterson
Second Deputy Director: Samantha Melville


• DONALD GLOVER – Atlanta, “FUBU” (FX)

Glover Teaching Workforce:
Production Director: Alex Or r
First Deputy Director: V eronica A. Hodge-Hampton
Second Deputy Director: Amir R. Khan
Second Second Deputy Director: Danielle King

• BILL HADER – Barry, “Chapter 1: Make Your Brand” ( HBO (WINNER)

Hader's Teacher Group:
Unit Production Directors: Mark Tobey, Aida Rodgers
First Deputy Director: Dale Stern
Second Deputy Director: Michelle Gritzer
Second Second Deputy Director: Chris Riddle
Second Second Deputy Director: Gary Cotti

• HIRO MURAI – Atlanta, “Teddy Perkins” (FX)

Murai Instructor Group:
Director of Production: Alex Orr
First Deputy Director: Angela Gomes
] Second Deputy Director : Amir R. Khan
Second Second Assistant Director: Danielle King

• DANIEL PALLADINO – Fantastic Mrs. Maisel, "We're going to Catskill!" (Amazon)

Palladino Director Staff:
Unit Manufacturing Mana ger: Dhana Rivera Gilbert
First Deputy Director: Mariela Comitini
Second Assistant Directors: Soren Miltich, Luca Waldman
Second Second Deputy Director: Michael Crupi
Location Managers: Nick Thomason, Jose Guerrero

• AMY SHERMAN-PALLADINO – Fantastic Mrs. Maisel, “All Alone” (Amazon)

Sherman-Palladino Director Workforce:
Director of Production: Dhana Rivera Gilbert
First Deputy Director: Mariela Comitini
Second Deputy Director: Luca Waldman
Deputy Unit Manufacturing Manager: Meghan Okay. Wicker
Second Second Deputy Director: Billy Brennan
Second Second Deputy Director: Lucas Isabella
Director: Nick Thomason, Jose Guerrero [19659002] REALITY PROGRAMS

• NEIL P. DeGroot – Better late than ever, ”How do you say your roots in German? (NBC)

DeGroot Management Staff:
Associate Director: Andy Nelson

• EYTAN KELLER – Iron Chef Gauntlet, “Episode 201” (Meals Network)

Keller Director Staff:
Deputy Director: Anna Moulaison-Moore
Stage Managers: Drew Lewandowski, Brady Hess

• PATRICK McMANUS – American Ninja Warrior, "Miami City Qualifiers" (NBC)

McManus Tutor Group:
Affiliate Director: Dave Massey
Stage Manager: Joseph R. Osborne

• RUSSELL NORMAN Table, “Japan” (Netflix) (WINNER)

Norman's Management Group:
Deputy Director: Carrie Havel
Director: Jonathan Marks
Stage Managers: Daniel Curran Mickel Picco

• BERTRAM van MUNSTER – Superb Competitors, "It's Just One Million Dollars, No Pressure" (CBS)

Van Munster Director:
Deputy Director: Elise Doganieri

Variety / TALK / NEWS / SPORTS – SPECIAL INFORMATION [19659002] • LOUIS J. HORVITZ – 60th Grammy Award (CBS) (WINNER)

Horvitz Teacher Group:
Affiliate Directors: Richard A. Preuss, Ron Andreassen, Kate Holland, Sabrina Rufo Mishler, Booey Kober
Stage Managers: Garry Hood, Doug Smith, Benny Almont, Joey Despenzero, Peter Epstein, John Esposito, Andy Feigin, Doug Fogel, Tyler Goldman, Jeffry Gitter, Phyllis Digilio-Kent, Arthur Lewis, Julie Lorusso, Jeff Markowitz , Seth Mellman, Cyndi Owgang, Jeff Pearl, Alfonso Pena, Annette Powlis, Kyle Ramdeen, Lauren Schneider, Eddie Valk, Karen Tasch Weiss

Associate Director: Matt Powers
Stage Managers: Michael J. Schiff, Teri Pensky Hlubik, Noreen Dimster-Denk, John O & Rourke, Tim Neven, Oliver Garrett

• BETH McCARTHY-MILLER – Bill Maher: Stay from Oklahoma (HBO) [194] 59014] McCarthy-Miller Director Staff:
Deputy Director: Stefani Cohen
Stage Manager: Gena Rositano

• MARCUS RABOY – Steve Martin & Martin :
Affiliate Director: Amy Kimelman
Stage Managers: Doug Fogel, Justin Higgins

• GLENN WEISS – 72-Yr Tony Award (CBS)

Weiss Teacher Workforce:
Affiliate Director: Ken Diego , Robin Abrams, Stefani Cohen, Ricky Kirshner, Susan Kopensky
Stage Managers: Garry Hood, Peter Epstein, Joey Despenzero, Phyllis Digilio-Kent, Andrew Feigin, Doug Fogel, Jeffry Gitter, Arthur Lewis, Jeffrey M. Markowitz, Seth Mellman, Cyndi Owgang, Jeff Pearl, Alfonso Pena, Annette Powlis, Elise Reaves, Lauren Class Schneider, Eddie Valk


• PAUL G. CASEY – Actual-time with Bill Maher, # 1633 (HB O)

Casey's Government Group:
Assoc iate Director: Stacy Talbot
Stage Managers: Patrick Whitney, Brian Anderson


Director Workforce:
Affiliate Director: Melanie J. Elin
Stage Managers: Cassandra B. Laymon, Jason Inman

• JIM HOSKINSON – Late Exhibition with Stephen Colbert # 480 (CBS)

Hoskinson's Coach Group:
Associate Director: Yvonne De Mare, Karen Yaeger
Stage Managers: Mark McKenna, Jeff Leib

• DON ROY KING – Saturday Night time “Adam Driver; Kanye West (NBC) (WINNER)

King's Directorial Staff:
Affiliate Director: Michael Mancini, Michael Poole, Bob Caminiti
Stage Managers: Gena Rositano, Chris Kelly

PAUL PENNOLINO – Final Week Tonight with John Oliver, "Episode 502 – Italian Election" (HBO)

Pennolino Director Group:
Deputy Director: Elliot Mendelson
Stage Managers: Mark McKenna, Craig Spinney


ALLAN ARKUSH – A collection of unfortunate occasions, "Hostile Hospital: Part 1" (Netflix)

• JACK JAMESON – Sesame Road, "To Pick Up: Sesame Street Special" (HBO) [WINNER] [19659002] Jameson Teacher Group :
Deputy Director: Ken Diego
Stage Managers: Shawn Havens, Mike Walker, Theresa Anderson

• GREG MOTTOLA – Harmful E-book for Boys, “How to Walk to the Moon” (Amazon)

Mottola Management Staff:
Unit Pr Director: Melissa Gelernter
First Deputy Director: Yann Sobezynski
Second Deputy Director: Mark Romanelli
Second Second Deputy Director: Lisa Simon
Location Supervisor: Man Efrat

• BARRY SONNENFELD – A Collection of Failed Occasions "Vile Village: Part 1 "(Netflix)

Sonnenfeld Management Staff
First Deputy Director: Paul C. Domick
Second Deputy Director: Megan M. Shank


Stay tuned if Cuaron additionally wins the Oscar!