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Endometriosis, lupron and fluoroquinolones: a recipe for self-degradation

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I share my well being story in the hope that someone can present assist. I had stage four endometriosis years earlier than it was recognized. In addition, I’ve had reactions to antibiotics, including fluoroquinolones, and I was given Lupron. Each drug destroyed my health more. I’m presently in bed, the pain and I cannot work. I have misplaced my proper ear kuuloani, Sjogren's syndrome, Hashimoto's illness, adrenal insufficiency, hypokalemia, electrolyte imbalance, IBS, MCS, ocular migraines and extra lately have been recognized with dysautonomia. My physique seems to break down. We consider that all the things is related, that I’ve mitochondrial issues behind these illnesses, however up to now no one has been capable of put songs on. I've put my husband by means of terveyshistoriani. We're wanting for enter.

Early warning signs

1985: At the summer time middle, I used to be hit by a bicycle in a automotive. I was packed actually dangerous and undoubtedly obtained a head damage.

1998: began feeling self, I'm unsure yet at this stage still very young

2001: My first daughter was born. I developed severe preeclampsia and had an emergency C-section three days later. My daughter was 6 weeks early and spent two weeks in intensive care.

2002-2003: I typically felt absent and went to the GP a number of occasions. I had pain shot at my again. I'm unsure what it was, nevertheless it took ache. I additionally stored saying that I didn't really feel good. I felt however nothing was discovered.

2005: The Start of Our Son and the Second Half C. I used to be in mattress for the last three months of being pregnant. I was given an antibiotic for some purpose. I do not keep in mind. I had a response to it and turned orange. The doctor gave me one thing else to counteract the consequences of the antibiotic and the colour returned to regular. It was a regular delivery.

2006-2007: I was still in ache. The pain moved to the stomach. I developed intestinal illnesses, ovarian cysts and ovarian cysts. I seemed on the physician of the gastrointestinal tract, who did scans and found that the liner of the womb was thickening. He sent us back to a gynecologist who did D&C in 2007 and stated I had very little endometriosis.

2008-2009: Still seeing OB in pelvic ache, also saw a number of different docs akin to neurologist, intern and surgeon. Everybody stored saying the identical thing: All right. It's in your head. “They needed to get me into mood enhancers. I attempted lorazepam and I felt horrible, so I ended after two weeks.

The Lupron Disaster

September 2009: I began injecting Lupron from a gynecologist. He was very robust on me and stated, "If you don't make these injections, I can't help you." He stated that was the one strategy to know if the pain was beneath or above the abdomen. I reluctantly agreed, however at that time the docs nonetheless thought it was a precedence for me. After the first injection, my doctor referred to as residence on Saturday to see me. I replied that I already had pain, however it has quadrupled and I really feel like an previous man. Each bone in my physique hurts. I couldn't consider the quantity of my pain the place I was. He stated I had to get all 6 injections to assist me.

At the moment, my husband's work resulted in solely a few appointments. I quickly started getting him to go together with me because I felt I was getting a journey.

Submit-Lupron Listening to Damage: We Add Fluoroquinolones and Steroids to the Mix

2010: The final injection was in February. I began dropping my hair. I had reminiscence loss, stabbing and taser emotions in the back. I still had stomach pains. In September, I went in for ear pain. The ENT stated it appeared like scratches, so he gave me drops of fluoroquinolone. I had additionally taken other fluoroquinolone antibiotics for yeast infections earlier within the yr. In October, I had a sudden sensory sensation of hearing loss in my proper ear. Within an hour, I referred to as my husband telling him my hearing labored strange. I was utterly deaf to my proper ear, 8 months after my final Lupron injection. The local ENT instantly gave a shot of cortisone (I was still capable of stroll and run). All the things went loopy when the ENT set me on a high dose of oral prednisone for 14 days. Every thing in my physique went nuts. I rolled away from bed holding the walls to assist me stroll. I've lost my stability utterly. The oral prednisone really made the number in my head. I had finished gene testing via 23andMe, and our physician sent a report back to a reader referred to as Opus23. It stated I should by no means take prednisone.

I went to Stanford Medical and noticed the top of the ENT and obtained three injections of cortisone into the appropriate ear drum. I had a 50/50 probability of recovery and it didn't work for me. I left Stanford with them saying they do not yet have all of the solutions relating to sudden hearing loss. They thought it was some sort of viral an infection that attacked the eardrum and peeled the ear off. After listening to loss. I had three ER visits. That is once I first began low in potassium. I felt like I was about to be expelled. I drove then, I didn't know what to assume.

2011-2012: I began to see a naturopathic doctor. I also made a journey to the House Ear Clinic in LA to see an skilled about his hearing damage. They couldn't assist. I left my present OB and began to see a physician who fills up. I ended up doing a partial hysterectomy with him after finding progress in one among my numerous ER visits that yr. I was nonetheless working and a full-time mom, treating large decrease stomach pain and now beginning several autoimmune illnesses including: Sjögren's syndrome, Hashimoto's disease, adrenal insufficiency. In addition, a lot of minerals and vitamins have been gone at the moment. I think this was the beginning of my dysautonomy. I started seeing an endometriosis specialist in Stanford as properly.

Was it Endometriosis All Alongside?

2013: On January 31, I had a laparoscopic surgery to clear endometriosis. I had stage 4 endometriosis, which took my attachment. The physician stated my physique was filled with endometriosis. He even checked my heart cavity to ensure no endometriosis had reached my coronary heart. Before the surgery, I spoke with the anesthesiologist and informed him about my listening to loss and my low potassium levels. Then he stopped the surgery and I needed to do a stress check. We went to the Palo Alto Coronary heart Middle and did a stress check the place I fasted for 24 hours and then they made me go to the stress treadmill on an empty stomach. I made no drawback with it and went back to the surgical procedure middle. Then they underwent laparoscopic surgical procedure and discovered stage four endometriosis.

I might also wish to level out that we only came upon later that in endometriosis surgical procedure that they had left surgical procedure and stitching. materials in me. We found this in considered one of our many ER visits. Our doctor's OR report says nothing about this stuff being left to me. I consider this is an extra ache that I’ve in addition to different abdomen problems. There's nothing like having baby surgical clips on my abdomen and the stuff I’ve to sew inside my struggling body. We're making an attempt to get these removed, but no surgeon will take my case.

Mitochondrial injury and autonomic degradation

In April of the same yr, I had one other ER visit. I lost all bodily features. My potassium was very low. I will go to the ER many occasions in 2013.

2014: I had to stop working this yr utterly. I tried to return again and assist my pal just be his loan officer's assistant, however the neurological pain and crazy foggy mind I was experiencing was just too much. Something that was really easy to me years in the past, I now had hassle finishing the mortgage supervisor's primary job at this point. Unusual neurological ache was turning into normal. I ended driving this yr too. I had to be scared to continue. I continued to go to the ER for a number of visits

2014 – 2017: I went to the ER more than 50 occasions for numerous causes: heart, chest, shot stabbing pain all over my physique. I was virtually all the time low in potassium. Throughout these years, we spent our life savings and took $ 100,000 out of my husband's 401,000, which we spent on numerous care plans. We've traveled to date to Philadelphia to seek out solutions. We even salted our home once we have been informed at one time that I had to kill the mould. We lived on the borrowed 5th wheel when my husband put our home again collectively. There have been a number of days the place I felt like I couldn’t go for a minute anymore. I felt like demise was just across the nook.

In 2015, one among our docs thought my genetic report read that he had found a breakthrough with a affected person with hypokalemia and Sjogren's syndrome. He gave me a copy of a research they did on a woman who had very comparable signs to mine. He had our local mixture pharmacy mixing answer referred to as Shohl & # 39; s. I took the choice after my doctor assured me that I used to be okay. Nicely, I tried it in just a jiffy, I used to be cramping and went for tachycardia. My husband referred to as a 911 ambulance took me to the ER. On the best way to the hospital, the paramedic gave me nitroglycerin. I used to be observed for several hours and ultimately went house. During this time, I had been staying at my mom's home for about six months as a result of we were not positive at this point if our home had made me so sick. This was a very irritating time for me in the meanwhile once we do not know what is going on and what’s inflicting it.

We had some aid in 2017 when our native naturopathic physician was capable of get a new remedy referred to as UBL or ultraviolet blood. irradiation. I had about 6 months once I was nameless, however I had some good days once I was capable of work half approach. My virus rely has been very high over these years, EBV, CMV, HHV6, and so forth., and probably Lyme. If I push myself, I typically fall for hours, days, until I begin to regain power just to walk within the toilet. Next, I went into a utterly totally different remedy referred to as prolotherapy. I acquired one injection within the shoulder, just as my physique was recovering as I was before the UBL remedies. I used to be worse again. It was very unusual that my physique reacted like this.

2016: One other specialist, an electrophysiological heart specialist, diagnoses dysautonomy. I have a number of sub-symptoms of dysautonomy, including: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Neurocardiogenic Fainting (NCS), Dizziness, Dizziness, Fainting, Fast, Sluggish or Irregular Heartbeat, Breast Pain, Low Blood Strain, Hypertension, Low blood strain, weak spot, respiration difficulties, temper swings, nervousness, fatigue and exercise intolerance, migraine, disturbed sleep patterns, temperature management issues, focus and memory issues, poor appetite and overactive feeling, particularly when uncovered to noise and mild. We also met with about ten other specialists. No one might help.

I’ve several tears on both hips worse on the fitting aspect. Several torn areas also on the underside of the pelvis. The surgery is out of pocket, and we haven't but been capable of fly again and have surgery to repair these tears and hips since 2019.

2018 – 2019: I've only been to the ER 3 times in 2018 and to date only 3 times in 2019. We attempt not to go , because we know they’ll never discover a lot. I can solely assure you that my vitality continues to be robust once I really feel I’m at my worst. I have been denied a incapacity. I had a neurocardiogenic scene with a decide within the courtroom and he still denied me. I’ve one last petition to look ahead to. I'm not very hopeful that it’ll work out. At this level, dysautonomy, fibromyalgia / persistent neurological pain and low potassium are a number of the hardest issues for me to cope with. We’re presently concentrating on constructing my mitochondrial cells, hoping to have the ability to reverse some or a lot of the injury that I consider was the direct explanation for the Lupron injections.

I used to be also within the bio-identical progesterone cream from about 2012 onwards. until 2018. Then, in mid-2018, ND needed me to experiment with a bioidentical that went off the menstrual cycle. It was a separate estrogen and progesterone cream in a plastic push-up applicator. He stated he was investigating the matter and thought it’d help. Properly, I tried it and it was horrible uncomfortable side effects, I feel in all probability by growing estrogen. After the second month, I had terrible abdomen pains. I waited four months pregnant and asked my husband to take me to the ER. Pain was the worst a part of the cycle the place I solely took estrogen. I felt him die. Prior to now I all the time had excessive estrogen ranges. I'm unsure, but as quickly as I introduced it to that estrogen, it threw me in a terrible attack. I completed it in November 2018. [19659003] Here I am now ache, I am unable to work or for treating youngsters. My husband is my full-time nurse. She takes care of our youngsters, shop chefs, does the whole lot I did before and works full time. I couldn't do that with out him. Docs have run out of answers. I consider it was endometriosis all the time, which was tremendously aggravated by Lupron and numerous cycles of antibiotics, together with fluoroquinolones. The one method I can keep my potassium ranges is thru a large day by day dose. Otherwise I dissolve hypokalemia. There’s a standing order at our local hospital to measure my potassium every time I think it is low. We’ve sought remedy from dozens of specialists and spent our whole lives saving money. I'm no better than ten years ago. In truth, I'm worse. For the previous 8 years we’ve got been supplementing nutritional vitamins and minerals in an try and restore the injury that Lupron and fluoroquinolones have induced to my mitochondria. Some issues help, others don't. We're on the sensible aspect and don't know where to show. Under is a record of dietary supplements that I’m presently taking.

Record of further lists

Upon awakening:

  • 600 mg of potassium,
  • 1/four of the grain Naturethroid


  • 3,200 mg of potassium. Complete Day by day Quantity 1200 mg
  • 1 chewable Hydroxo B-12
  • 1 COQ10 100MG
  • 1 Biotin 10,000 micrograms chewable
  • 1 chromium picolinate 200 micrograms chewable
  • 1 dried adrenal gland
  • 1 dry process adrenal
  • 19659034] 1 thiamine 50 mg
  • 1 mitocore – it’s like a multiple of vitamin
  • 5 grams of vitamin C combined with juice, added with Lugol's iodine, colloidal silver, a mixture of lymphatic and hint parts.

midway via. notice:

  • 3,200 mg of potassium once more – 1800 mg complete every day
  • B12 shot, 100 µl syringe


  • 3,200 mg potassium every day, complete 2400 mg
  • 1 A vitamin 10.000 µl
  • 1 vitamin Okay 90 mg
  • 1 Lugol iodine plus
  • 1 nettle leaf cap 400 mg
  • 1 monolaurin 600 mg
  • 2 L-lysine 1000 mg
  • 1 thiamine 50 mg
  • 1 magnesium malate 100 mg more
  • Hydroxo B12


  • three 200 mg of potassium, day by day complete 3000 mg
  • 1 thiamine 50 mg
  • 1 milk thistle 150 mg
  • 2 L-lysine 1000 mg
  • 1 DHEA 25 mg
  • 1 magnolia bark 450 mg
  • 1 digestive enzymes
  • 1 Dr. Berg Hair formulation. 1 mg of L-carnitine 250 mg

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