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Tokenismi, koodaus, syöminen ja muut muut asiat LGBTQ Horror Fanit ovat ohi, osa 3

Hei lukijat ja tervetuloa takaisin tämän toimitussarjan kolmanteen lukuun. Aiemmin olemme kuuluneet tokenismiin ja queer-koodaukseen, joka vie meidät...

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Nine Essential Queer Horror pictures in the summer of 2019

We're virtually halfway via June, so that you're properly on your summer listing, right? Some of you assume individuals even do it anymore? Once I...

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Nine times, the house of the mouse embraced its horrible side

20% off your complete order Use Promo Code: MemorialDay Walt Disney isn’t often a studio that thinks when considering good, creepy Considering It is no...