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1. Regency Hill Desk Lamp – The perfect bedside studying lamp

Bedside reading lights, aside from reading mild, are gadgets that make it easier to fine-tune your room's feel and appear.

<img class = "alignleft wp-image-1780 size-large" src = " -reading-lamp-600×624.jpg "alt =" Best Nightstand Reading Light [19659004] Pros

  • Powerful Reading Light
  • Beautiful Classical Decor
  • Looks High Quality, Low Cost
  • Intelligent Design Stand on Narrow Surfaces


  • Needs to Buy Separate Lamps

Various types of luminaires that shine your book efficiently and give you a great taste, we recommend these Regency Hills

Each lamp comes with a curved body decorated with carved leaves for finishing wood. Its deep bronze color and brownish ivory tone are beautifully matched with other bedroom furniture, while the Creme shades meanwhile a soft romantic glow. the whole room is full of moonlight

When the lamp is high (30 ″ or 76 cm), you can enjoy your book in bed in the most comfortable place. The light is always sufficient regardless of whether you are sitting upright or lying down or lying down. You don't have to adjust your position all the time to get a beam than with smaller luminaires

Despite the fact that the lamp is long, it remains firm on your desk without much space. This is due to its discreet design with a thin profile on both the body and the shade. Small bedside tables or bedside tables can easily fit the lamp with books and a chocolate cup.

To improve sensitivity and cozy feelings in the bedroom, choose 72 watt halogen lamps that produce a warm white or yellow glow. Those with a temperature of 2700 – 3500K will do the trick.

2. Rosslyn Swing Arm – Best Wall Mounted Reading Light

Nothing adds style and coziness to the bedroom like a classic wall light with a warm shadow. However, in ordinary bedroom lamps, if they look good in the room, they are often too dim to read. This two lamps from Barnes and Ivy Rosslyn stand out from both operation and design.


  • Beautiful Classical French Style
  • Adjustable Arm
  • Warm Color
  • Warm Color
  • Dimmable
  • Can be Switched / Fixed 19659004] Separate Bulbs Needed

Each lamp is equipped with a metal piece engraved with natural patterns, beautifully covered with bronze. Its graceful arm is adjustable, extends and slides back to the place where you want to ensure enough space and light concentration for bedtime.

Combining traditional French countryside lighting with a lamp is an artificial leather. The tone is a bit brownish, promising to provide warm and pleasant light. The shade fits perfectly into the metal parts to create an intimate yet classic and luxurious feel.

Each lamp requires a 43-watt halogen lamp that produces high brightness to read novels and papers. The light is pleasant and pleasing to the eye by selecting lamps with a temperature between 2700 and 3500K. When you prefer a softer, more gentle glow in the film or tangle in the bed, turn the lamp to dimmer mode because its intensity is fully adjustable.

A perfect tidy look that the lamp can be fixed to the wall. But if you choose an easier option, simply plug it into the socket

3 near the bed. Ecologic Martin Eye Care – The Best Book Light in Bed

The Ecologic Martin product illuminates the 5Lm and 40Lm warm light for the best book for reading a bed of light.

 reading in bed


  • 8 LEDs
  • 8 brightness levels
  • Warm eye for eyes
  • There are branches that operate independently
  • Fast rechargeable battery
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime warranty 19659005] Romance, Parents' mini-chess game or your child's comic adventure, this little gadget promises to make it a warm pleasant light for a moment.

    The Ecologic Mart Eye Care consists of two branches that can operate independently. They also work simultaneously when you have a big book or a reading partner. Try different lighting options – a total of 8 – and you can read both of the yellow shades you want

    Despite two ends, it takes just one and a half hours to fill 1000mAh-filled batteries through the USB interface. Depending on how it is used, one charge may take a few days to several weeks.

    Because the charger head is equipped with two gates, you can simultaneously use and charge the light and / or the phone on the same block.

    One thing to note, however, is that the item may be a little heavy if you want to attach it to a book or ereader and hold your hands for a long time.

    If you want white or blue light for more accurate, more powerful handling Find more book lights here

    4. Newhouse Lighting Clamp Light – The Best Clip in Headboard Reading Light

    The best reading lamp is a laptop that is portable, generates warm light but at the same time is a focused area so you don't have to expand your eyes to read.

     Best Clip in Main Unit Reading Light


    • Warm Light
    • Stylish Design
    • The socket has suction cups. Because it is very soft, your eyes do not have to adjust to your breaks when they drift away from the illuminated pages into darker areas of the room.

      Newhouse produces "stress-free productiveness and delight". enough glow at 3000 K. It is pleasing to the eye, warm enough to prevent melatonin (unihormones), but it is bright enough not to attract you to sleep for 3 minutes in your book.

      There is a sturdy bracket in the light that opens about 2 inches. Protects the surface from a very strong grip, adding 6 suction cups. If you have read reading lights that scratch or cover the paint on your desk or headboard, you appreciate this.

      Design is elegant and shiny in design. It has 3 colors: black, purple and clear blue.

      The light would be perfect if it had a dimmed function for those who would like to read fast to attract themselves to sleep.

      5. WaterDrake Headboard Light – The Best Reading Light for a Bed Headboard

      Good news for lazy writers who read a lot in the sleeping area and are often too mild to turn off the lamp before going to bed.

       Best Reading Lights for the Headboard


      • Warm, Soft White Light
      • Matchy Retro Style
      • Easy to move, no tools required
      • Chain


      • Bad For all headboxes

      As expected in the light of a lamp, the lamp has a folded ivory tone that creates a warm, gentle white light that places it on and prevents glare. The material and color are retro-shaped, making them easy to match with most bedroom styles and decorations. This allows the light to shine evenly on your shoulders without accidental turning. It is hung by a hook with two bent yarns that fit into 1.5-inch thick plates.

      As a side table I really like this movement. When I change the bed side every time and then to make sure I sleep on both sides to maintain my body balance, I can just liu along the lamp.

      No need to buy 2 lamps on each side, and the effort is not to add / remove or aggravate, drill new holes in the wall to set it. Since the hooks are coated with smooth material, they do not cause scratches or peeling at the end.

      Because it is made for lazy bed readers, the lamp can be replaced with a zipper. Once you've made a book, get over, pull down and you're good to sleep.

      All in all, this is a very valuable and useful item. One thing, however, before you buy it is that the head is not thicker than 1.5 inches, and it is long enough for the lamp not to touch your head while sitting or lying in bed.

      Recommended Bulb: 40 W equivalent, 2700 K

      6. BenQ Genie eReading – The Best Table Lamp

      Table lamp, especially in the bedroom, is not just for reading and studying. It also shines on your circuit board, turning on the pages of the family album, that the scarf is knitting for your beloved niece.

       Best table lamp


      • Comfortable light, no
      • Very heavy base
      • UL, CE certified for safety
      • Beautiful design on the head


      • Bad

        • High

          • High

            • 19659005] High price tag
            • base

        Your mood and mind change into various activities in the bedroom, and you need a light that can accommodate different atmospheres. Thanks to its versatility, the BenQ Genie is a suitable table lamp when you can adjust both brightness and color temperature.

        Unlike most other LED lamps, Geniella has a crescent head, which shows it "softer" and rather more sweet than only a straight disc. Greater than aesthetic features, bending additionally increases the illuminated space, whereby the light covers the broader part of the desk. Additionally it is once you activate the Sensible lighting mode, the place the sensor detects the room surroundings and adjusts the sunshine accordingly. Designed to work with digital units, mild is distributed extra brightly to the edges and less to the middle, which minimizes glare on the display. Bend it up and down. You may as well modify the illuminating distance by bending the arm where it’s with the bottom station. They are useful: easy, durable and extremely heavy (the bulb weighs 5.3 kg). The twine is roofed with a well-braided material, making it even a safer house in the bedroom.

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