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A book review of how you measure your life? by Clayton M. Christensen

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Genre: Leadership and Leadership
Writer: Clayton M. Christensen
Title: How You You Measure Your Life? (Purchase a book)



This book offers tips for finding happiness and which means at work, at residence, and in life usually. It's built to help readers reply a quantity of necessary questions, hoping they will have a cheerful life. How can I make certain that I am successful and completely happy in my profession? That relationships with family and buddies grow to be a sustainable source of happiness? That I reside truthfully in life – and stay in jail?

So as to discover happiness in your career, you want to start out by defining what issues most to you. While some elements, akin to compensation and dealing circumstances, are essential elements, getting these rights does not mean that you take pleasure in your job – it just means you don't hate it anymore.

As an alternative, what causes us to actually take pleasure in our work is the elements referred to as motivators, together with difficult work, recognition, duty, and personal progress. Get this stuff proper and you can really take pleasure in your work

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All of us have the assets – time, power, expertise, wealth – that we use to grow many corporations in our personal lives. These embrace a rewarding relationship with our spouse, participation locally, raising youngsters, and so forth.

These assets have been launched when you take a look at your calendar, but a continuous course of. If private assets are usually not allocated strategically, it is decided by the "default" standards which are hooked up to your coronary heart and mind.

The danger for high-reach individuals is that they have a tendency to use their assets subconsciously for actions that produce probably the most quick and tangible achievements. This typically means favoring a profession at the expense of the family, regardless that your life is rather more than your profession.

It's essential to know who you are at work and how much time you spend where you are out of work with household and close associates. As a result of of these truths, it is extremely necessary to beat the pure tendency to focus in the brief term at the expense of the long run.

Because the relationships we’ve got with household and pals are the primary supply of happiness in our lives. have to be dedicated to them even when it seems pointless. It's straightforward to assume that when things are right at residence, you can spend more time working. Nevertheless, this is able to be a huge mistake, as a result of it is typically too late to repair critical problems by the time they’re created.

In terms of dwelling an trustworthy life, it is very important keep in mind the first step in the direction of life without what starts with small selections. The small selections finally result in huge ones, so justifying them alongside that great not seems so large. You do not perceive the best way you are till you are wanting and seeing that you have arrived at a vacation spot that you once thought unimaginable.

If you give "just this time" based mostly on a marginal value analysis, you remorse where you end up. In truth, it’s easier to maintain your own rules 100% of the time than 98% of the time. The restrict – your personal ethical line – is highly effective as a result of when you are entitled to cross it as soon as more, there’s nothing to stop you from doing it again.

Backside Line: Determine what you like and then stand for it time.


Clayton M. Christensen is a well known writer, innovation professional and professor at Harvard Business Faculty. In his book How To You Your Life, Christensen supplies steerage on discovering happiness and which means at work, at house, and in life basically. This book has a special which means for Christensen when he wrote it by profitable a life-threatening illness that had taken his father's life.

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Many Christensen classmates at Harvard Enterprise Faculty have been great women and men and had an enormous potential to vary the world, and lots of did. Nevertheless, his class additionally included members comparable to Jeffrey Skilling, an extremely rich Enron CEO who was lastly sentenced to several federal robberies and suffered by way of divorce.

Different classmates skilled comparable disappointments: One performed a serious position within the nice insider trading scandal described in Thieves; another was a serious politician with three youngsters thrown into jail for sexual causes in a teenage campaign. None of these individuals graduated from Harvard Enterprise Faculty as a result of of a divorce plan, a regulation violation, and an accident, but for many this is precisely what happened.

This book is designed to help readers answer the following questions: hopes that by answering these questions can keep away from an accident:

How can I ensure that:

  • I am successful and glad during my profession?
  • My relationship with my spouse, youngster and household and close buddies is a sustainable supply of happiness?
  • I stay in honesty – and stay in prison?

Discovering Happiness in Your Profession

“The only way to be really happy is to do what you think is a great job. And the only way to do a great job is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, look. Don't set. Like all things in the heart, you know when to find it. “- Steve Jobs

When we are young and our parents ask us what we want to be when we grow up, astronaut, firefighter, soccer player and even the US President roll our tongue because we think these jobs would make us happy.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we allow our childhood dreams to peel and choose our work

Some even admit that it is not possible to do something you love for life. Christensen suggests that too many of us who start the compromise path will not do it back. Considering that you are probably using more of your awakening time than your work elsewhere, it is a compromise that always eats you. But you shouldn't stand out from this fate.

In order to really find happiness in your career, you need to start setting priorities: What is most important to you during your career? Unfortunately, most people do not realize that what is important to people's careers is usually not happy in their opinion. To avoid this error, it is important to know what really motivates people. To really be happy in your career, you should have a strategy.

There is a constant need for time and attention in life, and the challenge is to decide which of these requirements will have limited resources. Often, people react to those who shout the most, or those who offer the fastest prize – it's a very dangerous way to build a strategy. The strategy should be designed according to your priorities, balancing plans and opportunities, and sharing resources in mind.

Christensen describes the importance of gaining motivation with the experience she had in managing a technology company. On Saturday, the company had a family picnic where colleagues could get to know each other better.

Diana was an employee who wanted to help everyone, but she did not have the resources of the company, and her days often ended with "turmoil" with other researchers. As Christensen noticed Diana, she began to imagine a mother and wife whose mood, happiness, and self-esteem seemed immense to her family.

She imagined Diana smiling and saying goodbye to her family on the way to work and what she had to return home ten hours later, a bad day. He felt underestimated, frustrated and depressed, and his poor working day had a negative impact on his interaction with his family in the evenings.

Christensen then imagined Diana coming home after a good day of work – full of self-esteem after she had done important work and recognized it. Christensen imagined how a good day at work had a positive impact on her home at home with her family, and how she felt about going to work the next day.

This concept illustrates the significance and impact of work that a manager can influence on his own work. happiness at work and how important happiness at work is happiness at home and in all areas of our lives. It is quite clear that if you are not satisfied with the job, it can be difficult to be happy at home – that's why it is important that we understand what really motivates us to be happy.

Frederick Herzberg, a sharp writer on motivational theory, states that there is a general assumption among people that job satisfaction is a spectrum that is "very happy" at one end and "completely wrong" at the other end, but in fact it is not in the mind

Satisfaction and dissatisfaction are separate, and in reality it is possible to love your work and hate it at the same time.

Although some factors at work, such as compensation, employment security, working conditions, etc., are important factors in the job, getting those factors right does not mean you love your job, it just means you don't hate it anymore. The other factors that are called motivators are what makes us really love our work.

These are challenging work, recognition, responsibility and personal growth. Motivation is less about external prodding, and more about what is inside of you and your work.

Christensen uses a personal story that illustrates the power of motivators to help people find happiness.

When two of his children were young, he decided to help them build a wood house. The week was spent on the details that were used for shingles and where the pages and the roof were placed. He would get the nails to start in the tree, and his children ended up throwing them.

It took longer, but the children were proud of their stakes and when the friends came, the first thing they did was show them the progress of their wooden house. However, when the house was finished, the children rarely played it. The truth was that when the house was not motivating, their contribution to building the house was what made it satisfactory.

This story describes the truth of a common sentence: The journey is more important than the subject. In order to really help you find happiness, the author claims that you must constantly look for opportunities that you think are meaningful, where you can learn new things, succeed and give more responsibility.

Understanding what makes us tick is a critical step towards fulfillment, but it is only half the battle.

To succeed in your career, you need to balance your aspirations and goals with unexpected opportunities. Managing this part of the strategy is often the difference between business success and failure.

In the 1960s, Honda's management decided to enter the US motorcycle market, which had some engine brands such as Harley-Davidson. The goal was to steal some market share by offering a much lower price for their products due to the very low labor costs at the time

. Honda wasn't built to handle the American riding style, and they had to breathe back into Japan to fix them. Although the plan was clearly not working, it continued its strategy

Although Honda focused on selling larger bicycles to Americans, a few smaller Super Cub wheels were also shipped to America. The employees of Honda used these small bicycles in Los Angeles to carry out tasks for the company, as their budget tightened and tightened.

One Saturday, a member of the Honda team took the dirt on the hills of Super Cub

He really enjoyed it and could work with frustration in the hills. He then asked some of his colleagues to join him, and when others saw them so fun, they asked where they could buy these “dirty bikes”. Though Super Cubit was not on sale in America, they assured the Honda staff to get them organized from Japan.

Sean Sears requested Honda if they might sell Tremendous Cub from their record. Honda's workforce was cold in thought and needed to stay to the sale of massive bikes – a technique that still doesn't work. Quickly, nevertheless, they found that the sale of Super Cub was the only factor that keeps American business alive.

It was clear that higher opportunities had been created. Super Cubit was priced 1 / 4 of Harley's worth and bought to a brand new group of "mountain bikers." Honda was successful and developed a technique for promoting bicycles by means of electrical gear and sports gear

Honda's story describes the belief of the technique that quickly turned Honda's deliberate technique.

Nevertheless, this strategy is consistently evolving, creating a chance for steady enchancment. Typically in life, we expect it is essential to have a rigorous strategy and transfer on provided that things go horribly flawed, when certainly such a technique is sensible only in certain circumstances.

Nevertheless, it’s straightforward to say "be open to opportunities when they are born" however it’s far more troublesome to know what methods there is a software that may assist you check whether or not a deliberate strategy or a fruitful strategy arises.

It really works by forcing you to testify what assumptions have to be proven to achieve the technique. Whether these preliminary predictions are accurate, corporations finally make predictions and assumptions that fit into what is basically happening and don’t contemplate prudent decisions earlier than they come too far. around the globe

A higher method to design a new technique or undertaking is to acknowledge that preliminary estimates are very rough – as a result of everyone knows that numbers have to be good for leadership in order that tasks might be inexperienced.

Have undertaking members compile an inventory of all the assumptions made within the preliminary forecasts and ask them: “Which of these assumptions must be made to be true so that we can realistically expect these figures to come true? “At the top of the list should be the most important and least certain assumptions.

When all the underlying assumptions are understood, try to look for ways to perform cost-effective tests on the validity of key assumptions. By knowing whether the original assumptions are likely to be true, you can make much better decisions about whether or not to continue the project.

If the right questions are asked, answers are usually easy to get. [19659065] This strategy should also be used for career selection. Ask yourself, "What assumptions must I prove to be successful in this task?" Ask yourself what assumptions must be proven to make you a happy choice that you are considering.

You can talk about your life strategy, understanding your motivations and balancing your desires with unexpected opportunities, but that doesn't mean if you don't fit into your strategy for life.

how resources are distributed when the rubber meets the road. A real strategy is created with everyday decisions about how we use our resources. If you want to know if you're going in the right direction, look at where resources go.

One way to limit our investments in our strategy of life is: we have the resources – personal time, energy, talent, we can make use of them by trying to grow a number of companies in our personal lives. These include a rewarding relationship with our spouse or significant other, participation in church or community, raising children, and so on. your heart and your mind. Your resources will not be used in one moment or when you look at your calendar in the coming week. it is a continuous process

The difficulty of reaching people is that they subconsciously distribute their resources to activities that produce the most immediate and concrete achievements.

Unfortunately, this is often their career and causes the family and friends to be held in control of their valuable energy for launching the next product or for the next promotion. Family members are not unintentionally taken into account because investing in relationships does not offer the same immediate achievement as a quick career.

If you ignore your spouse, nothing seems to change every day, but twenty years down the road, the effects are dramatic. Small, daily decisions about the rational allocation of funds ensure that happiness is found in life.

Finding happiness in your relationships

"happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the family. ”- Thomas Jefferson

It’s incredibly tempting to personal assets for your profession and put your family in the again burner because you are in front of your career, that you will immediately find satisfaction and you can see your hired work. Nevertheless, as discussed earlier, your life is far more than your career.

It is very important understand that who you are at work and how much time you spend there will have an effect on the individual you have been working with with your household and shut pals. As a result of of these truths, this can be very essential to overcome the pure tendency to focus within the brief term at the expense of long-term

Though Christensen provides a number of strategies and tips for locating happiness in your relationship, he warns that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy; "Scorching water that softens the carrot, hardens the egg."

When you try to find happiness and success at home and at work, remember that something wrong doesn't mean you have failed!

Nothing promises perfect results. However, it is almost guaranteed that you will not get it right if you do not commit to continue. Because the relationships we have with family and friends are the most important source of happiness in our lives, you must devote to them.

It's easy to think that when things are right at home, you can spend more time working. However, this would be a huge mistake. When there are serious problems, it is often too late to repair them. This means that the time to dedicate your resources to your family and friends is when it feels like it is not necessary.

Many of us succeed in the strength of demanding work that we believe and enjoy. [19659030] Often, we are going to spend the time that should be spent with the family on work-related tasks such as making calls on holiday. Work is how we define ourselves, and we expect the closest people to accept that our schedule is simply too demanding to do a lot of time for them.

Is this a recipe for a successful marriage? Unfortunately, many of us are in this position; Not forgetting the birthdays and celebrations that were important to us

Christensen combines the story of a neighbor, Steven and his dream for one day owning and using his own business.

Although he had the opportunity to learn from a big company leaders in his field, he overtook these opportunities and devoted himself to long work so that he could understand his dream of becoming his own boss. When friends and family members understood, the lack of investment eventually led to it.

Just as Steve's business started, his marriage broke down. When he needed the support of his family and friends to get this difficult time, he found himself alone. He asked for a return on an investment he hadn't made. No one deliberately abandoned her, it was just that she had neglected them for so long.

Now he looks back at all these years and hopes he would have prioritized them differently – and invested in these relationships before he needed them to pay

Too many people neglect investing time in building relationships, only to find themselves alone in a health struggle or job losses, unless one gives support. It can be the most lonely place in the world

One of the most common versions of this mistake is with young people when they think they can organize their life investments.

A common logic is, for example, "I can place my uranium in the early years when youngsters are small and parenthood shouldn’t be important. When youngsters age, I can spend more time with my household and less time in my profession."

One key to understanding a happy marriage is to understand what you are hiring for a happy marriage. his colleagues failed to improve their sales by improving dairy products that responded to customer inquiries, they asked themselves the question: "What is this milk cake leased?" Milk Cake Customers usually had a long and boring business trip ahead. Milkshakes had been hired to keep them in occupied time and hide the middle-morning hunger.

Milk cake performed this task better than bananas, champagne, monks and sweets. According to this target group, the fast food chain improved the sales of dairy products in the morning. However, in the afternoon the target group was different. In the afternoon, dairy products were often sold to adult children.

When they had to tell their son or daughter "no" for a whole week, they eventually had something they could say "sure" when their children

Fast food chain improved their sales because they reached the premise that they could Improve Your Sales by Changing Ingredients and Trying to Identify Jobs for Milk Cake

Understanding what your wife has "hired" to do her husband, and vice versa requires intuition and empathy.

As a man you have to be able to put yourself in the wife's shoes and indeed her life, and ask yourself what you can do for her. More importantly, the jobs that your spouse is trying to do are often very different from the jobs they think they want to do.

It is easy for us to make assumptions about what our spouse wants, and not to work hard to understand the work we do in the life of our spouse

We can do all kinds of things for our spouse, but if we are not focused on the jobs he needs most, we get frustration and confusion about happiness. in this regard. It is so easy to misunderstand each other in marriage and get caught up in the daily affairs of life

Indeed, the path of happiness in marriage does not try to find one that will make you happy, but rather it is about finding someone whose luck is worth owning. To cement the relationship, we sacrifice ourselves to make others successful and others to succeed. The principle that the victim deepens our commitment is applicable to marriage, family, friendship, and organizations, and even cultures and nations.

It is natural that the people you love are happy.

understands what your role is in it. By asking yourself what to do, you can understand what is most important to the people you love, and it is much better than speculating what might be the right thing to do. To be really happy, you must devote your time and energy to your efforts, be prepared to suppress your own priorities and desires and focus on what is needed to make another person happy.

raising children with prism to avoid outsourcing children's education. Nowadays, it is common for us to outsource the education of children through the myriad of activities available to them – whether school, sport, band or otherwise

Although all these activities can be very useful for the child's development, it is most useful when the child is dedicated to it. instead of being forced into it. Christensen says that we want our children to move forward, and we believe that the opportunities and experiences offered to them will help them do just that.

But the nature of these activities – where they are not deeply involved and do not really challenge them to do tough things – prohibits children from developing the processes they need in the future.

Self-esteem is incredibly important for the child's development, and it will achieve something important when it is difficult

This does not mean that children are thrown deep into the world to see if they can swim. Instead, it means finding the problems to solve them alone. Christensen points out that some of the greatest gifts he received from his parents were not due to what they did to him – but rather to what they didn't do to him.

It would be a mistake, however, to think that a simple act of child's growth and development would be enough to make them grow and develop. Children learn when they want to learn and are willing to learn, not when we want them to learn. As parents or perhaps leaders, we should continually promote opportunities to learn and let others learn when they are ready.

Rarely do children remember the moments their parents sat down to teach them an important lesson, but spontaneously defining moments can be incredibly important in child development. Parents should always be a good example for their children and leaders should always be a good example for their employees. If you prioritize a successful family, it has a much better chance of success – but it may not be on schedule.

In our own lives, we have often underestimated the importance of the experience and overestimated the appreciation and compensation of its significance. The Managing Director of Black & Decker, Nolan Archibald, is an excellent businessman, and he stands out as the youngest CEO of Fortune 500.

When asked how he managed to care for his career, he wasn't talking about corporate stairs or what a particular route was for the CEO, he explains why he chose the route he made. He continually asked himself, "What are all the experiences and issues that I have to study and occupy so that the opposite finish is somebody who is ready and succesful of turning into a profitable CEO?" the experiences they gave, and the experiences have been all the time designed as a challenge that he ought to have put strain on. Forty-two years he turned CEO of Black & Decker, and he remained in office for 24 years because of his expertise

While selecting experiences can train so much, it doesn’t guarantee that

Though most of us might have an idyllic image of what our families are in the future (nicely behaving youngsters who love and respect us), the truth is that we would like two very different things for an idyllic family and for having such a household. Yksi tehokkaimmista välineistä, joiden avulla voimme sulkea eron haluamamme perheen ja perheen välillä, on kulttuuri.

Meidän on ymmärrettävä, miten se toimii ja on valmis asettamaan sen koviin telakoihin vaikuttamaan siihen, miten on muotoiltu. Valitettavasti kulttuurin luominen ei ole niin yksinkertaista kuin perhesääntöjen asettaminen ja toivominen parasta – perheen ensisijaiset tavoitteet on asetettava oikein, jotta he tietävät, miten arvioidaan vaihtoehtoja ja tehdä hyvä valinta.

Yritysten johtajat haluavat keskitason johtajiaan to make good selections with out them by their aspect, mother and father need youngsters to make good selections once they get out on the earth.

Every firm has a tradition, but whether or not or not the said culture is identical as the actual tradition will depend on a quantity of elements, particularly the example of the leaders. At Enron, for example, it is reported that that they had a “Vision and Values” statement: Respect, Integrity, Communication, Excellence.

Clearly, all the best way from the highest, Enron didn’t reside the values it espoused. If you do not articulate a culture and enforce that culture, a culture will still emerge – however it won’t be the culture you need it to be. This is applicable to corporations and households.

Making a tradition just isn’t an on the spot loop; it isn’t one thing you determine on, talk, after which anticipate it to abruptly work by itself.

That you must be sure you comply with by means of on your culture commitments. Christensen assures the reader that there shall be many days when implementing the principles is more durable on a mother or father than it’s on a toddler. Inconsistencies, nevertheless, permit a culture of laziness or defiance to creep in. Culture is like an autopilot. To ensure that it to be efficient, it have to be programmed effectively by building the culture you need in your family.

If it you don’t consciously build it and reinforce it from the earliest levels of your household life, a tradition will still type – however it is going to type in ways you might not like. Although it may be troublesome to be in keeping with praise and punishment, it is in these on a regular basis interactions that your culture is being set. And once that occurs, it is virtually unimaginable to vary.

Staying Out of Jail

“The safest road to Hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.” – C.S. Lewis

It is exhausting to imagine that anybody caught making dangerous selections expected that they have been going to make such selections once they graduated from school, started their profession, or anyplace else alongside the best way.

Sadly, many occasions individuals make dangerous selections because of how they weigh their selections. Utilizing the “full versus marginal thinking” principle, Christensen teaches the reader how to reply the final query: how can I be certain I stay a life of integrity?

Blockbuster’s demise is a basic example of getting caught in marginal considering when it ought to have been excited about the complete value of its determination to avoid getting into the movie rental by publish business by which Netflix has thrived.

Blockbuster followed a principle taught in each elementary course in finance and economics: that in evaluating various investments, we should always ignore sunk and glued prices, and as an alternative base selections on the marginal costs and marginal revenues that each various entails.

This can be a dangerous means of considering. Virtually all the time, such analysis exhibits that the marginal prices are decrease, and marginal income are greater, than the complete value. This doctrine biases corporations to leverage what they’ve put in place to succeed prior to now, as an alternative of guiding them to create the capabilities they may need in the future. If we knew the longer term can be the identical as the previous, this evaluation can be fantastic – however the future is rarely the identical because the previous.

Marginal considering made Blockbuster consider that the choice to pursuing the postal DVD market was to continue what it was doing, at 66 % margins and billions of dollars in revenue. But the actual various was, in truth, bankruptcy.

Blockbuster should have been considering: “If we didn’t have an existing business, how could we best build a new one?

What would be the best way for us to serve our customers?” Blockbuster didn’t, and Netflix did, and Blockbuster declared chapter in 2010. This is virtually all the time how it plays out. Because failure is usually at the finish of a path of marginal considering, we find yourself paying for the complete value of our selections, not the marginal prices, whether or not we like it or not.

Likewise, in life, we frequently find ourselves considering marginally. The marginal value of doing one thing “just this once” all the time seems to be negligible, however the full value will sometimes be a lot larger. The voice in our head typically says, “Look, I know that as a general rule, most people shouldn’t do this. But in this particular circumstance it’s okay.” It suckers you in, and you do not see where that path is finally headed or the complete value that the choice entails.

Step one down the trail to a life void of integrity begins with small selections. You justify the small selections that lead as much as the large one after which you get to the large one and it doesn’t appear so monumental anymore. You don’t understand the street you are on till you lookup and see you have arrived at a vacation spot you would have once thought-about unthinkable.

If you give in to “just this once”, based mostly on a marginal-cost analysis, you will regret where you find yourself. It is simpler to hold to your rules 100 % of the time than it’s to carry them 98 % of the time. The boundary – your private ethical line – is highly effective, as a result of you do not cross it; if you have justified doing it as soon as, there’s nothing to stop you doing it again.

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