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26 missionaries are accepted by IMB supervisors, looking to future growth

Rick Dunbar

26 missionaries are accepted by IMB supervisors, seeing future growth

Julie McGowan | Might 23, 2019

The Worldwide Mission Council Delegates accepted the appointment of 26 new missionaries to take the Gospel to the nations of 22-23. Might meeting in Richmond. Leaders additionally made key modifications to the Ministry's progress and prayer strategies; welcomed the Adam Greenway report; heard an replace from exterior auditors; and chose an 2019-2020 officer.

New missionaries shall be despatched to a mission get together on June 11 at 4:20 pm. SBC Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. Streaming service is shipped on sbc.internet

Dr. Rick Dunbar receives the IMB President Paul Chitwood's appreciation strikes and permanent ovation from his colleagues' credit establishments because he is serving as the IMB holder and chairman of the board. First Baptist Church Madison, Miss., Dunbar can also be a medical physician who typically uses her medical expertise to volunteer in a world mission. (IMB Photograph: Chris Carter)


IMB President Paul Chitwood referred to the Board of Administrators at Revelation 7: 9: “After this I seemed, and behold, an incredible multitude, no one was in a position to number, , of all tribes and nations and tongues, standing earlier than the throne, and earlier than the Lamb, wearing white garments, and the arms of the palm cry out with a loud voice; "

" They worship – worship one who is worthy, "Chitwood stated. "We call it IMB's vision, but we have always quickly pointed out that it is above all a vision of the Church."

He stated the implementation of this vision would take individuals like Brian and Ronda Massey's IMB missionaries deep into the Colombian mountains, which would not forestall big challenges: for hours "to spin and bang" during a four-wheeled pickup to get there; rains that convey flash floods; army checkpoints on the best way up the mountain;

“They are not considered necessary because there are people in the mountains who have not yet believed, and if the world ends today, people will not be there, standing in front of the throne,” Chitwood stated. "And it is impossible because the Father gave the life of his only Son to be there."

The masseurs determine to reside – and, if referred to as, are prepared to die – to see this imaginative and prescient stated. "And all over the world, in the mountains, in the plains, in sprawling cities, on the coast, in the jungles and in villages, and in refugee homes, and bombed by buildings where people move into ruins, IMB missionaries go and share, want to live and, if they are asked, willing to die to see that the vision is fulfilled. And they go with the unbelievable confidence that the Church's vision, the vision of heaven, will be fulfilled. "And that's why we're right here," he told the custodians. "We're here to be certain that they will go there. as effective as they can be a. As a lot as they work to fulfill their imaginative and prescient, we’ve got to work on the vision. “

Chitwood announced the ministry's progress / fund improvement and the IMB Prayer Ministry will probably be transferred to the presidential office in an effort to improve missionary assets. Funding the mission has been one among IMB's largest challenges over the previous decade. He stated that the problem of forcing older leaders to do higher work by giving particular person donors the chance to worship God and fulfill the good fee.

”We additionally know that employees and private checks are not our biggest useful resource for the Great Commission, he stated. “The Holy Spirit of God is the greatest resource. We take this resource through prayer. “To support prayer, the Presidential Office oversees the IMB prayer ministry” to make investments more closely in interesting to those that rule the nations to give us nations. ”

Progress Partnership

Dr. Adam Greenway, elected in February as president of the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Value, brought greetings and an replace from the seminar.

“The Southwestern seminar wants to be your biggest partner and friend, we can be with you,” Greenway stated. “We will not serve, but serve. … Our seminar has been a place where thousands of men and women of over 111 years of history have known God's call or further developed God's call to go to nations. The Southwestern Seminar, our history, has been the biggest actor for the people – the invited men and women of God – who have come through the FMB (IMS) and the IMB. … The roots of the Grand Commission run deep. This is not true today, but I am committed to doing everything I can presided over the seminar to work with IMB to see the situation turn. ”

  Adam Greenway

IMB President Paul Chitwood (proper) withdraws from his passport on his new passport with the brand of the Southwestern Baptist Theological seminar. The duvet of the seminar's give attention to worldwide assignments was a gift from Dr. Adam Greenway (left), a new president of the Fort Value seminar. (IMB Photograph: Chris Carter)

Each member of the Southwestern School is an IMB experienced, Greenway stated, representing virtually seven many years of missionary experience. There’s never a posting professor who isn’t an IMB veteran on the seminar

Reporting that over 320 unreached populations stay in Dallas / Fort Value metropolis, he stated Southwestern Seminary would be the most provocative website with six seminars Subject Laboratory for Subject Actions and Peoples. In accordance together with his kindness, God has set his seminar as a place where individuals can come to sensible experience to survive within the darkness of missing individuals.

Promotion of Greatest Follow

The leaders heard recommendations on Wednesday (Might 22) by an enterprise conducting an external assessment of the IMB's allegations of child violence and sexual harassment (together with sexual violence) and present IMB practices. and practices. Chitwood immediately responded to an apology to the victims and the future of the promise. Leaders additionally expressed their confirmation of the research.

"I am grateful that we walked through this process," says Lisa Lovell, Vice President, who was represented by the IMB as a working group. “One abuse is one too much. We have now discovered a lot and implementation of the suggestions will help us to improve our prevention and response efforts. "

Chitwood stated in plenary on Thursday that IMB's efforts to see the revelation have been fulfilled by Revelation 7: 9" such strain on assignments by taking vital steps to ensure the security of each missionary, employee, TCK (youngster of third tradition), volunteer, and national companion. might be wrongly protected. These efforts have included the popularity of earlier failures, their enchancment, and the apology to those who have been damaged. Don't make any mistake, it's not a disturbing process to see the vision come true. It is essential for our mission. Thanks for understanding and confirming it on our board.


Guardians adopted a decision on Gena Wilson, a missionary for the peoples of Europe from 1995-2000 and 2001-2019, who died on Might 13, the resolution reads: "The International Mission Council, the Southern Baptist Convention, expresses appreciation for faithful service to God in this government and promises special prayer support for the family in the coming days. "

Twelve Guardians have been recognized for their service once they fulfill their circumstances or differ: Gary Barkley, Missouri; David Beauchamp, Florida; Barbara Carlson, New Mexico; Max Croft, Alabama; Rick Dunbar, Mississippi; Jordan Easley, Tennessee; Rob Futral, Mississippi; Don McDonald, Arkansas; Rob Peters, North Carolina; Tim Simpson, Maryland / Delaware; Tony Smith, South Carolina; and Jay Wolf, Alabama.

  Executive Officers 2019-2020

The newly elected IMB brokers 2019-20 embrace (left) Chairman of Seth Polk, West Virginia; Chuck Pourciau, Louisiana, First Vice President; Lisa Lovell, Arkansas, Second Vice Chairman; and Cheryl Wright, Oklahoma, Secretary. (IMB Photograph: Chris Carter)

Seth Polk, Chief Pastor of Cross Lanes Baptist Church, Cross Lanes, West Virginia, was elected Vice Chairman in 2019-2020; Chuck Pourciau, Senior Pastor of Broadmoor Baptist Church in Shreveport, was elected First Vice Chairman; Lisa Lovell, Fayetteville's first Baptist Church member in Arkansas, was elected second vice-president; and Cheryl Wright, a member of Shawneen's Oklahoma Immanuel Baptist Church in Shawnee, was elected Secretary of Deputies

God "miraculously" gave

Rick Dunbar, the outgoing clerk, stated he was visiting IMB employees last yr in Africa. Dunbar requested his missionary to work on the river. He explained how they use SD cards to share the Bible, the JESUS ​​film, and different gospel assets with individuals of their heart language. One specific day, SD cards have been widespread, and the workforce gave them all away.

"Later that day, a young woman came to our missionary and said she wanted to know more about Jesus," Dunbar reminded. "Our missionary told him about Jesus, but the woman was disappointed that they were out of the SD card." He needed a useful resource for the home, and he asked the missionary to verify his bag once more to see if there was something left. [19659004”“ProvethatIwasgoingtosendamissionaryabagofsocketsaSDcardreaderandarabbit”stated“HeyIdidn'tknowaboutyoursuckerbutyourScardcard”

The identical thing occurred once more. And again. 3 times the missionary checked his empty bag, and 3 times the SD card, which had been loaded into the language of the Bible, fell from the bag.

“We know that the word of God will never return to nothing (Isaiah 55:11), but will attain His will and purpose,” Dunbar stated at the finish of the assembly – and his service as an IMB administrator. “I wonder what God wrote on these SD cards? … God went astonishingly and offered. One day, when we get to heaven, I want to know the rest of this story. ”

The subsequent IMB Governing Board meeting is scheduled for 25-26. September in Richmond, the place a missionary sends a celebration at the Swift Creek Baptist Church in Midlothian, Virginia.

Julie McGowan is Director of Public Relations at IMB.